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  • snoop6712000 snoop6712000 Nov 29, 2011 9:00 AM Flag

    Sell the Company

    Sales of $1.0 billion and a market cap of only $112 million? Some one already in business can buy at approx $250 million, dump losing parts of business and roll profitable businesses into existing business. The Board should ask Management to shop this around or demand DRASTIC reform/restructuring. This requires bold action. JMHO

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    • Look at the last three years net asset growth-very good. The last few quarters have been up. I think its a good point of entry.

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      • Insiders had been buying the stock when it was $8 then $7 then $6. Why not buy it at $4? I would like to see the insiders follow thru.

        I'm into this stock big as I believe the value will be realized. The only question is how long do we have to wait. A buyout brings it about quicker with possibly less total upside. JMHO

    • Snoop...I think the CEO is doing that...Cleaning it up, but in the current state, balance sheet, cash flow, EBITDA, etc. $250M is a bit rich in the current state of union and business.

      The business is being cleaned up as we speak and if the economy helps us out any next year then you might see a little bow put on it and it will be worth more to shareholders whether it has a bow on it or not. Need balance sheet cleaned up and debt paid down to make it more attractive in this financing enviroment. The board appears to have tasked management with this per your request. Enjoy the ride.

      Nice action today on macro news/help.