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  • booleansearcher booleansearcher May 23, 2012 6:27 PM Flag

    OK - get a medic - CODE BLUE

    well......actually I was only wounded in the butt. Now let's see if June 14th brings some more good news when earnings are released. Should come out around 10:00 or so. I say BUY B-cause it is a GOOD-BUY and you say sell and say GOOD-BYE. I will keep adding and you will keep watching or subtracting and that is fine. I see home building again picked up so the one weak link for Spartech is also showing some signs of life and as we know - once the psychology changes or it looks like rates are going to rise buyers will come in even more. Spartech is oversold in my HUMBLE opinion. It can remain so and become even more so but on June 14th we will hear more good news about this value play.
    The US market is going SOAR and this drop is a perfect occurrence for my scenario - my thesis as it were. I believe we will shoot past 15k on the Dow with similar moves in other markets. It is going to leave a lot of people behind - looking in the window with their noses pushed hard against the glass - eyes crossed and wondering how they missed it. You buy this market. Buy baskets if you like in ETF's or whatever but this is a gift. To hell with Greece. To hell with China. To hell with Europe........that is all noise and has created this GIFT. Good luck Joel and tell me other plays you like right now. Show me a little of your game - I always put mine out there but others like to cherry pick and post AFTERWARDS. I have learned to buy early not late and to stay true to the trend you see no matter the carnage that may occur as Mr. Market gyrates. You may get singed at times but you won't burn. Confidence is viewed as bravado and confidence by those who don't have any. Boolean.

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    • You'll do well

    • I've owned it on and off over the years, but have just rebought after the split. I like the nice 5% plus dividend and the inflation protection of the oil and gas.

    • My newest buy is NBR good for 30% plus up swing by year end.

      Bought back core DOW. Sold previously 35pps back in 29.40pps today, project 38pps short term.

      New Long CSX, HIG

      New Spec BTU

      My first multi bagger for this year THLD bought last July and added again Feb 2012, basis in the 2's. I will hold this til it get approved or denied. Good science and multiple applicaitons.

      Hold about 40 other positions but these are recent plays.

      I do not normally announce my plays, I have only one friend that I share ideas with and that is because he is very smart and a good sounding board. We both make our own dicisions and no worry of him losig due to a miss call. I also value him as a friend.

      All my investments have catylst and are thought out.



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      • thank you - I own DOW as well and sold CSX but I am revisiting that play as well. Have followed BTU and am looking at it. Have not followed HIG or THLD. The recovery in equities I see should do very well for DOW and CSX and many others. I recently acquired triple M and of course add to Spartech. I too have over 40 equity positions so I guess neither of us are in the thought process of buying only a few positions. I buy many as I see fit and for which there appears to be a catalyst. I enjoy some ETF's like sso, ewm and gld and others. I added to high yield bonds recently. Good luck - I will go and take a look at HIG and THLD now. Boolean.