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  • yesitsascam yesitsascam Oct 24, 2012 10:40 PM Flag

    Did Holt shop the company around?

    ..or did she just want to hook up with PolyOne who SEH has had relations with for supposedly years?
    ..How can shareholders be sure they got the best offer out there for SEH when two (cozy?) CEO's (and their boards) want to get a deal done? ..Did Holt drive a hard bargain price-wise? ...I doubt it. would they consider any higher offer than PolyOne's? ...somehow I doubt it. they mention a 56% premium? ..the stock was at $7 in Feb before the price dropped. this is more like a 14% premium (to $7). Did Holt and Newlin (PolyOne) have no disussions re this deal back in Feb (8 months ago) before the price dropped? ..and a 56% premium was heralded? ...I doubt it

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    • Help me understand why you guys are all so upset. As I see it, POL bailed out an already crapola company that was headed for the graveyard. POL saved SEH from going to zero. Your stock was trading at ~30/share several years ago. It is clear that management has done a poor job since- SEH had traded as low as $3/share back in June. You should be thanking POL for scooping you guys up at $8, saving some jobs in the process- the alternative likely being SEH getting scrapped away and probably ceasing to exist eventually. Where were you guys at $20, $10 per share? Someone should have spoken up way sooner realizing that SEH's management was doing a terrible job for many years. #Beluckytoget8bucks

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      • SEH is being given to POL at a bargain-basement price just as things are looking much better for the company. Isn't that how it works? Take it over now before it costs POL a lot more money later? Who gets screwed? ..the SEH shareholders. Holt should be ashamed of herself. I must've been delusional thinking a female CEO would be fair in dealing with just compensation deserved by common shareholders. US markets are imo JUST PLAIN CORRUPT!!!