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  • mnplumb mnplumb Aug 4, 1998 9:57 PM Flag

    Leonard where are you????

    Im checking in from Minnesota. Markets going
    down, down, Seh going down, down, ???? Never will
    figure this market out. They make plastics from oil,
    right. Then theres lots of cheap oil, right. Spartech is
    a very good company, right. Explain why Spartech is
    getting hammer down? Buying Spartech maybe a good thing.
    Spartech doesnt sell that much to Asia folks??? Been a
    good summer in the land of 10,000 taxes, except for
    people in St Peter, Mn. Tornado hit them real hard this

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    • why big drop today? Even though the market is dow, but the decline rate is large for this stock. The trading volume is really drive this stock to new low.

    • It very well could be guilt by association with
      M.A. Hanna. Of course, it would be an unfair
      comparison since Hanna has announced an earnings shortfall,
      layoffs and other troubles. As long as Spartech continues
      to put good numbers on the board, their future
      should continue to be bright. However, the short term
      stock action is anyone's guess. It will be interesting
      to see the market's response when third quarter
      results are announced.

    • The company is competing head to toe with
      compounders like MA Hanna. They are all down hill now. The
      trend is still sliding and nowhere we see a sign of
      stop. Is this stock a guilt by association or simply
      market re-evaluating the value??

    • The short-term movement in any individual stock
      can be a random, illogical dance that no one with a
      rational mind can accurately interpret on a regular basis.

      This company is well-managed, seemingly undervalued,
      and has a growth rate that is impressive due to
      acquisitions and internal sales. A long-term position should
      be well rewarded if you have the patience to survive
      the current mess at home and the overseas troubles.
      Best of luck.

    • Just wondering why the stock is not moving back a
      little as rest of the market do. No postive news come
      out either.
      I might snap several hunderds shares
      if the price is under $17.

      Any one know this
      come fairly well? It appreas to me all the plastic
      compounder has had no long term value but this

      Just wait to see what will market head into.

    • Look at the news. 70% greater back log than last
      year. The CEO said earnings will be higher than
      expected. Stock is down again today. Whats up??? I guess
      the market drags down the good companys like SEH
      also. This stock is a buy. Leonard where are you????
      Buying more for my Roth IRA so the jerks in Washington,
      and St. Paul dont get any more of my gains. Buy. Look
      at CAGI ???? Little stock with a lot of gain.

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      • Looking at this as an entry point - very
        impressive new technology, lots of applications. Two
        quetions maybe you can help me with...according to
        Hoover's 15% of income is derived from Canada. With
        Canadian currency slipping against the dollar, could this
        cause a significant problem? 2.) In your opinio has the
        company adequately covered the legal requirements to
        protect the newly announced technology? Patents etc. in
        place? Thanks.