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    New Investors; the Truth

    The reason why most if not all of the regular posters are here is because they are severely underwater in this company. They will use terms like long term investors and they will trash anyone that does not tout this company. They are here because they cannot get out without taking a hugh loss. Some of them have 50K plus in share ownership above 1.50 and much much higher. That is what this company that you are interested in purchasing has done to its shareholders. This company has been talking about going profitable as long as I have been in this prison of two years. So we sit and wait for that event to take place. This company fired the founder and ceo, and then another ceo in the last year due to the fact that they cannot breakeven;sales minus costs. Currently they have stated that they are no longer even looking for a new ceo. They gave that job to the accountant of the company to give it his best shot. They make bags to store stem cells but the bags have been poorly manufactured twice in the last year and over 1 million in revenue was lost due to those events. They wrote contracts with the manufacturers of these bags that made KOOL liable for any and all bag failures due to the manufacturers negligence. Even when they knew about the last bag failure a few months ago they did not issue a press release notifying the shareholders. They told us at the conference call where upon the stock already at a severe low lost another 50%. Those are just some of the facts to consider when buying into this stem cell sector company. Would I be acting in your best interest to tell you to buy! buy! buy!. I personally don't want to do that. But that is just me. These are the facts and they are not in dispute. From a "long term investor".

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