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  • oilman95762 oilman95762 Dec 28, 2010 6:16 PM Flag

    KOOL Oldtimers, Listen Up.....

    1) The blog pumpers and penny stock players have run up KOOL to unsustainable levels. It's happened before and will happen again -- from oversold levels. It's time to cash out or at least take some profits.

    2) KOOL is not going on any sustained move up UNTIL there is significant insider buying. Insiders know first hand when the tide has turned, especially in a small conpany, and act accordingly. There has been NO significant insider buying activity since September 2009, in spite of Mel's recent pronouncements of future breakeven and/or positive earnings.

    Just a "word to the wise". (Well, since there are few wise posters on this board this warning may go unheeded.)

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    • Look at the responses to this post and tell me what you think of the KOOL pumptards. The only reason I bothered is not to bash KOOL but to confirm that things happen and nothing wrong with taking profit. This latest episode is validation.

      sentiment...buying opp on it's way.

    • Right now I would say I called it a day early. What would you say? not alot, you have gone missing since your ranting and raving about hold hold hold it's going to 4.50. You really are a disgusting individual. Unable to admit your wrong when yopu are. No worries you will be back soon telling everybody how you sold 25% of your position at 3.75. What a liar.I have no use for you or your BS and thats what it is all BS.

    • Due to the high uncertainty of Q2, KOOL should be back to $2.8-$3.0 for the earnings and guidance.

    • looks like the pull back might have started. Not sure your $4.50 coming any time soon. I know you sold some but you never told everybody. Shame the way you operate, it's really disgusting.

    • LOL, what about the advice you and your friends have been giving over the last year. You have actively encouraged people to tie money up in a dead stock. Yes finally it has woken but man up a$$wipe it has been dead for way to long. My opinion was to take some profit and keep a core position. Nothing new just nothing wrong with taking some profit. You always want to argue but you are wrong and you are a blind retard. Pathetic individual that gets it right one time and has to ridicule everybody else. I would have no regrets about selling some of my position and thats it. 20/20 is great but you dont have it, you just think you do.
      Most importantly if anybody buys or sells based on a mb post then they are as dumb as you. I shared an opinion and I still believe what I shared.
      If you are that smart why did you sell 25% of your position? You should of waited for this run? You are a p#$ck and a very sour one at that.
      You in your own mind are never wrong, that will be your demise little boy. Now run along and pump some more and be sure to let everybody know you are selling before you do it (not after it retraces). I for one will not believe your Lying a$$.

    • actually I wanted to know what you have to say to the people you advise to sell few days ago...
      u are one of a kind, no doubt about it, but maybe my advice is to move away from investment and try uncinetto might be more suitable for you

    • I had an opinion, still do. I am glad kool longs are given the chance to make some money. You have waited a long time. I have nothing bad to say about KOOL. You on the other hand that's a different story. Having waited as long as you have I am sure you are enjoying the current trend. It will not last forever and it will retrace. The rest I will leave for you to predict.

      GLTAL and congrats.

      BW you need to chill out, it feels good to win I realize you dont do it very often but a word of wise. Do it with class otherwise you just confirm you are the complete @$$hole evrybody thought you were.

    • palaceo7 master in investment, any more words to enlighten us

    • Do you have any idea for the Q2 earning/loss?

      Here's my take, Q1- revenue $7m with $1m from GE's inventory built-up that's no longer happening, real revenue was $6m.

      They sold 7 bioarchives in both q4 and q1, their average was about 5 each quarter.

      If they sold just 5 then the revenue will be $5.5m.

      They need about $6.5m to break-even.

      They expected the new market buyers should start buying sometime in the 2nd half(Jan-Jun, 2011) because they are waiting for the approval from China and India health authorities. GE tried to open Chinese market for 2+ years and failed, now it's the turn of Fenwal and Nanshan.

    • Looks good. Suspect first quarter will see improvement. Give us a heads up on this. Thnaks Jane.

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