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  • realdutch01 realdutch01 Aug 24, 2012 5:07 PM Flag

    CC summary

    1) On target for 0.68/share this year
    2) Announcement wrt BOD in September
    3) Working on 2 new contracts for fish farm now. +1 Cattle farm 2nd half of this year.
    4) Uplisting has high priority. Best way to boost share price
    5) Marketing and Distribution ahead of schedule
    6) 40M to 50M prawn flies to be sold every month now.
    7) Cash divi to be announed in september. Pay-out in november
    8) SJAP to get special "Dragon"-something status.
    9) Solomon doesn't feel business in China is slowing. It's booming. Any country would be jealous of China's growth rate (except for the manipulative scumbag US media of course).
    10) Import/Export can sell 260MT of shrimp in less than a month. Demand is huge. Problem is supply.
    11) Probably 100M shares outstanding by the end of next year.

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    • to 8): SJAP will be first sub to be spun out, on track for 2014

      to 10): demand for peeled shrimp is huge but supply is very seasonal, 6-8 weeks or so per year. They expect to sell 4-5 containers of 20MT each, so the 260 MT (13 containers) will be sold in max 3 weeks.

      to 11): current diluted share count = 90m shares with 6m shares to be retired soon.

    • realdutch, please, you can see this company stinks to hi heaven. by the time the fraud is obvious to all, and the swedes are saying they have been had, the shareprice will be ten cents....

      any company that dilutes like siaf will also, I maintain, do some other dicey things if called upon...

      does this guy solomon tell all of the swedes and shareholders he intends to dilute like this? My understanding is the shareholders never know beforehand that the guy has issued another 15 or 20 million shares until after the fact, and the company or creditors are selling these issued shares into the marketplace, to pay bills they are owed? right or wrong?

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      • Well, we have all the answers now as we have confirmation from the company.

        Number of outstanding shares last friday was 90M (fully diluted = 83+7). They will cancel 6M shares as promised before year end. I'm assuming they will also have to issue 3M to 6M shares to settle debt so we will probably end the year with close to 88.5M shares (fully diluted).

        The weighed average number for the year should be close to (74+80+85+88.5)/4 = 82M (fully diluted) for purposes of calculating EPS. Which is 3M less than I anticipated.

        Total issuance in 2012 = 88.5-74 = 14.5M shares

        They expect to end the year 2013 with 100M shares outstanding (fully diluted). Which means we should use (88.5+100)/2 = 94M weighed average in order to calculate earnings for 2013. 1M more than I anticipated.

        So now we know what to expect.

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