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  • davetrader7 davetrader7 Apr 13, 1999 11:21 PM Flag

    So what are DAVE trades?...

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    Go TBUS!

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    • just a litte dt-channel hype today.
      earnings, are expected to be released on or about November 5, 1999.

      I sold all my TBUSW ;-)


    • How about $3.5 bid????
      SOmebody talk to me...

    • Any news?

    • The sales numbers sound pretty good to me. Lets hope earnings look good too. I have been accumulating at these prices.

    • Insider trades shows Taylor(CFO)and Turney(CEO)
      each buying about a thousand shares each recently at
      market value. Not much but it looks like they are
      accumulating and Turney holds 120,000 shares plus already.
      Also, did anyone else get a letter to the shareholders
      from the CEO Turney? It sounded pretty upbeat. I
      wonder if we may not get another contract announcement

    • It's a reprint of the press release regarding the $10,000,000 credit facility they just received.

    • I wonder if they were buys or sells. TBUS did recently extend the terms of the warrants (TBUSW) so hopefully they were not sells.

    • Hey, check out the website dbusiness, they are reporting a story on Digital Recorders Inc


    • Friday August 27, 8:33 am Eastern

      Company Press Release

      SOURCE: Digital Recorders,

      Digital Recorders Announces New Orders

      TRIANGLE PARK, N.C., Aug. 27 /PRNewswire/ -- Digital
      Recorders, Inc. (Nasdaq: TBUS - news) today announced the
      award of new orders totaling $2.6 million for its
      TwinVision LeDot� Destination Sign Systems and Talking Bus�
      Automatic Voice Annunciation Systems, primarily for year
      2000 delivery. Both domestic and international
      customers are involved.

      The domestic order is for
      use on San Francisco Municipal Railway transit bus
      vehicles and encompasses the totally automated Global
      Positioning Satellite message triggering Talking Bus System
      integrated with the new generation TwinVision� Destination
      Sign System.

      The International order is for
      TwinVision systems to be installed on transit bus vehicles
      operated by Trans Island Bus in Singapore. This order was
      placed through the DRI Transit Media GmbH subsidiary in

      ``These two orders are significant for several reasons,''
      said David L. Turney, Digital Recorders Chairman and
      CEO. ``First, they are repeat orders with customers
      that know our capabilities to deliver advanced
      technology at competitive prices. They are evidence of our
      strategic advantage in advancing technology, including the
      capability to combine and integrate the exterior and
      interior passenger information systems. Also, they are
      strategically important multi-million dollar markets for our
      products where we continue to gain significant market
      penetration,'' Mr. Turney said.

      Digital Recorders
      develops technologically advanced digital communications
      systems for transit, transportation applications and
      digital signal processing equipment for law enforcement
      applications. The company's transit and transportation systems
      include TALKING BUS, an on-vehicle internal voice
      messaging and passenger information system and the
      TwinVision LeDot Destination Sign System -- a proprietary,
      electronic external destination sign.

      which are not historical facts, including statements
      about the companies confidence and strategies and its
      expectations about new and existing products, technologies and
      opportunities, market and industry segment growth, demand and
      acceptance of new and existing products are forward looking
      statements that involve risks and uncertainties. The risks
      include, but are not limited to, product demand and market
      acceptance risks; the impact of competitive products and
      pricing; the effects of economic conditions and trade,
      legal, social and economic risks, such as import,
      licensing and trade restrictions; the result of the
      company's business plan and the impact on the company of
      its relationship with its lender.

      Digital Recorders, Inc.

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