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  • scot184 scot184 Mar 25, 2013 11:50 AM Flag

    Went to OSH Yesterday, Couldn't Park

    I shopped at OSH yesterday at the West Los Angeles location. Literally had to wait for someone to leave to get a parking spot (and they have a big parking lot). Sure, it was Sunday afternoon, but it was busy. And there were lines at the registers as well. Something's clearly working at the new neighborhood store concept.

    Still, I would like to see insiders buying stock to solidify my confidence. Then the upside is huge.

    Sentiment: Buy

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    • Unfortunately, you are confusing Spring in general with OSH in particular... it's that way everywhere -- gardeners want their annuals, seeds, tomatoes, cages, etc., etc. I say unfortunate, not because the revenue is not welcome (and needed), but because it's so very temporary -- like a light rain during a major drought...

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      • That is indeed good news scot. We'll know more when we hear from the company on the quarter.
        And I agree with diatricus that if the stock goes to $2 then it's going to $1.

      • hsangha56 -- if you believe in the stock, then I'd consider buying now, but if it drops again (and if below $3), then be wary, as it could turn toxic and not recover... scot184 might be right to look at this long term, but if it actually hits $2, as you suggest, then I doubt it would do anything subsequently except go down from there...

      • scot184 -- it is uncertain whether this sudden increase in sales is temporary, due to the Spring shift, or do to the renovations... notably, however, all OSH stores (old, new and renovated) have seen this activity [again, tis the season]... as for what store management would or wouldn't do, well, yes, bad decisions follow bad, good follow bad, and so on, so your suggestion is irrelevant that any correlation exists... you are incorrect as to the number of people being hired -- they have only 90 stores, so, probably more like hundreds, and we'll see how many stay on or if layoffs come into play... as for the unorthodox expansion way outside of their logistics chain, well, again, not exactly what one might call a good decision, and on par with the many bad we've seen... but really, who cares? this is not a dividend stock, so the best you or other investors could hope for is a return to $7 for a quick sell, right? you're not actually thinking of holding long on this -- thinking it might climb up to $20+? Or, maybe you have better insight and/or analysis skills than I... all is possible when speculation is the key motivator...

      • A company experiencing a temporary increase in business wouldn't renovate their stores, hire thousands of people, and expand out of state for the first time in the their history. They also remarked in a previous release that sales at the new store concepts were solid, and this was during the "slow period" of winter.

      • That is why i do not see an investment rather a trade..or possibly turn around. Purchase 1k shares and will add more down to $ 2.00