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  • whartonmba99 whartonmba99 Nov 25, 2009 9:49 AM Flag


    The next fall will be of bond insurers like PMI,ABK,MBI. noway this company is gonna survive.The only strategy is to sell.Goldman can afford a hit, but can you?

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    • Actually if I make a loss on this stock I will just simply write it off on my taxes and furthermore, I do not invest money I am not prepared to lose to begin with. Last but not least, Goldman is not stupid and they have been making money hand over fist off other companies.

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      • "Goldman can take a hit, but can you?"

        This has to be one of the most stupid remarks I have heard, ever. Sounds like a company like Goldman has a strategy to lose money every now and then on purpose just to show what they can with stand.

        Listen, the housing market has not turned a corner yet simply because people are still defaulting on their loans. Unemployment is still going up and is obviously high. Even though they are enticing "new home owners" into the market, what are all those existing home owners that cant make their payments doing? What about all the foreclosures, do you think they are jumping into another house or do you think they are renting for the time being?

        This is a buy opportunity Technically, but Fundamentally, M.I.'s should be avoided simply because nothing has changed in the Unemployment category and those who were home owners are no longer home owners and MI's are forced to take the hit for insuring those individuals.

        So honestly this is a long term stock and a definate buy in my book regardless if it goes down to .25 cents. I am going to keep buying if this keeps falling, ill have to invest less and less to get the same amount of shares. This company has cash reserves to last all of next year, and if the housing market gets some footing, so will this stock.