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  • joey.blowie joey.blowie Aug 26, 2011 11:06 PM Flag


    IMHO, this stock is going down the tubes, it's being collared in a 5 cents range by the money guys, if you like to gamble, PMI is for you! IMHO

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    • Joey if you are shorting this stock you might as well cover now. It's great that you care about other people gambling bit it's their money they are playing with not yours and when not if and when this stock hits around the $1 mark again I'm sure they are not as nice as you and share their profit because you care. Sorry bro it's a good try move on with a stock worth shorting. This train has already left the station on it's way back to a reasonable $.90 or more. It is like when Fors hit the $2.00 mark it can only go up from there. I hope it makes sense for you but if you are still trying to short this stock to zero it is you who is really gambling not investing at this point. If this stock ever hits $1.50 again I will be on your side and short it til it goes BK if they don't get any new capital but at this point they have no where to go but up right now

    • my goal is basically warn the novice gambler/invester, that PMI is on it's last legs! imho, pmi is toast,gonzo, and going BK.

    • It's funny for a person that is not involved in trying to push this stock down you sure spend so much time on this board Joey. I don't think anyone cares what you say about it going BK because like I said your shorting this stock is at the point where you are going no where and only wasting your precious time. This must be your full-time job because I see you here on every post. Like I said it's great if you shorted this at $4. plus but not at .25 Joey that is just being really ignorant. Yes they might go BK sometime in the future but they still have some room left to go up from here. There is no bk this month or next bt maybe next year or so if they don't get anymore capital or form new company to make money

    • Yes we should see it happen very soon but from .25 to the low of .15 is not much different so I'm sure it will go up from here seeing that most stocks are beginning to correct and climb again. I wouldn't short this stock since there isn't much left to short. I would have short this stock around Jan or so but right now it's in a position to double if not triple from this point on since all the bad news are already priced in other than a flat out BK which is not even on the table right now. Remember Ambac stated for months that they are looking at filing Bk before they did and it even went as high as $1.50 before it eventually did and now it is still trading at .07 cents. Not that far from low of .15 cents which is why I say it can only go up from this point on.

    • thats grear, so you actually think this .25 cent stock will drive up to 1$ or 1.25$. because your buddie thinks so. hey listen to debbie gibsons only in my dreams song,IMHO. PMI is going BK>

    • they have been pursuing this for quite a while and I think they came up short because the bondholders were willing to do the deal until they came up with a bad quarter to force them to deal and now the deal will be done but shareholders already got their a***ss kicked burnt and tarred and yes it will be around $1 soon again but and maybe as high as $1.20 but stay there until preimum profits show up again - it is the deal where the stock will quardruple in days and then flat out IMHO

      I dont think these are rumors and think they are close that is why I thought friday after close or Monday but sometimes because the regulators are you know bureucrats - its takes a little longer