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  • joebells65 joebells65 Nov 24, 2006 11:47 AM Flag

    Message For Repubs Only

    Telling people that Baghdad is safer than U.S. cities isn't working. Everyone knows we're lying.

    And the lie we told when we said that the violence in Iraq was because al-qaida was trying to help Democrats win has been exposed as just another lie, too.

    We need to think of a new lie to explain why everything we predicted went wrong and everything our critics predicted came 100% true.

    Any ideas?

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    • Where do you get this lib homo crap from you little pole smoker?

      ...Everyone HATES BUSH. MOVE On.

    • I thought you and fag Foley had the market cornered on little boys.(Republicunt wiht a little hare around it)

    • Squamish78 and GWB have been taking turns giving Clinton blowjobs,hoping to get him in trouble.

    • squamish78 is a silly republicunt pole smoker.

    • "We need to think of a new lie to explain why everything we predicted went wrong and everything our critics predicted came 100% true".

      How about these lies.

      1. Now that the Dem's are in charge the war will be won with a resounding military defeat and all terrorism will stop around the world.

      2. Israel and Palistine will sign a peace treaty and become good neighbors.

      3. The whole middle East will become partners in fighting terrorism with the USA.

      4. Taxes will be cut even lower.

      5. The Dem's will work with the Rep's and confirm all future picks made by the president.

      6. Abortion on demand will be struck down.

      7. Us will drill for oil in Alaska and off all our coasts.

      8. Freedom of religion will be enforced for Christians.

      9. Corruption in Gov. will come to an end.

      10. Racism will never be used for political advantage.

      11. Borders will be shutdown and protected from intruders.

      12. All illegel aliens will be returned home.

      13. Unemployment will fall below 4 percent.

      14. New voter registration guidelines eliminate all ballot stuffing.

      15. The military will told that the reason for war is to win at all costs.

      16. Iran and North Korea will stop all their nuclear programs.

      17. Social Security will finally be solved.

      18. Christian moral values will be taught in all schools.

      19. Discipline will return and be enforced in all schools.

      20. Professors of higher learning will teach the American Way first.

      21. The black caucus will be made to stand for all America.

      22. English will become the first language for all.

      23. All documents and labels will be in english only.

      24. All childrem born of illegel aliens will be revoked of US citizenship.

      25. All illegel aliens will be locked up, dressed in pink panties before returned to their mother country.

      26. Law enforcement will be respected and supported.

      27. The court system will be expanded and speedy trials be enforced.

      28. Death row will empty due to deaths.

      29. Fudge packing will become illegel and punishable by public condemnation.

      30. Marriage will be between a born male and female only.

      31. The movie and TV industry will be required to make family oriented programing available to those who want it.

      32. There will be no more Sudo Americans.

      33. College's will be forced to teach and stop all student activities that resemmble animal house.

      34. News media's will be forced to prove their stories and all reporters will be sent to jail till they exspose their sources.

      35. Judges will be required to have brains and recognise a pattern of behavior.

      36. Lawyers will be required to make a defense that does not include lunatic cenerios and lies.

      37. The United Nations will either support freedom around the world or be forced to pack their bags.

      38. All money spent on forign aid will be delivered with a CPA to verify where it's going.

      39. California will be made a rough state and fenced off from the rest of the nation.

      40. Peace and goodwill will capture the minds of all inhabitants around the world and all will be walking around holding flowers in their hands while singing praises to the LORD.

      Can't wait for a Dem President to even further develope this glorious plan.


    • We could send them a car bomb and tell them it trying to free them!?

    • Don't hear too much from all these neocon Iraq war supporters now - this Iraq disaster will be the Bush (version 2) legacy. The next 2 years cannot pass fast enough.

    • Why would any rational person expect anything but lies from BushCo. When Bush ran in the 2000 election he lied about the expense of his tax cuts. In 2001 Bush lied about being a uniter and not a divider. In 2002 Bush lied about the existence of WMD in Iraq, a working connection between al Qaida and Iraq, and the threat posed by Iraq to the U.S. In 2003 until the present time Bush pretended there is a "crisis" in funding for social security. Recently Bush lied about Rumsfeld staying in the administration and then bragged about it at his most recent news conference.

      Bush is a pretender and a phony. Anybody expecting Bush or Republican Bushbots to be truthful about any matter of importance has his head up his butt.

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