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  • alcoa_steelworker alcoa_steelworker Dec 13, 2006 11:27 AM Flag

    Most Pathetic: Papaatakes, TwoMart..

    Why do these two idiot losers keep posting their political b.s. on this site??? No one gives a rat's ass about your political views. (Reps. lost because they are as liberal, immoral and corrupt as the dems. Rudy is a flaming lib and McCain is a moderate at best. Get use to having no power for a long time if these are the best you have!) Does your happiness depend on what corrupt party is in power? Do you two have a life outside this board? Can anyone else tell me why these morons keep posting their propaganda on a website designed to give some insight into AA??

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    • I'm sorry for posting such a hateful post with your names attached. You two are not losers or morons. I'm the loser moron for posting such a diatribe. Comment like that are not representative of someone who calls himself a Christian. I bet you are both pretty good guys who have a lot of wisdom to share and are just trying to do the best you can in life. You want your teams to win because you think it would be best for this country. Let's find common ground and help each other make the most we can from this dog AA. Political debate is good and healthy, so keep your points and counter-points rolling in.

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      • marketanalyst2k2k2000 marketanalyst2k2k2000 Dec 14, 2006 12:56 PM Flag

        Alcoa, thanks for the turnaround.

        One of the reason people post other than stock issues here is that they usually have a passionate interest in the subject and have no other outlet in which to make it known. I certainly cannot afford to take out ads in all the major papers. I do write a lot of congressmen and senators. I do write Bush. But I also feel that writing congressmen and senators only works when you praise them. They do not want to hear the opposite of what they fervently believe, or the financial issues they are beholden to. So these boards become the best, and maybe only, was to spread one's opinion.

        Hey, how about them ISG folk? Suggest we talk to Amadinejad to help us bring the Iraq war, and life thereafter, to a peaceful and copacetic conclusion with peace and harmony after we leave. Amadinejda...he's the guy who the other day conducted a conference to discuss the 'myth' of the Holocaust, who counts among his admirer's David Duke, and who reiterated his vision, goal, hope, certainty, that Israel would soon be gone, wiped off the map and maybe off the face of the earth. Yeh, he'd sure be a good guy for the President to talk to to see how we can have peace in the middle East.

    • Go back to work and stop ripping the company off.

    • "Do you two have a life outside this board? Can anyone else tell me why these morons keep posting their propaganda on a website designed to give some insight into AA?? "

      Your first question answers your second.

    • You just gave a political opinion yourself and what you say about Guilliani & McCain is probably right. But who are the Democrats offering? So far H. Clinton & B. Obama. Neither are shoo-in candidates against the Reps you mentioned.

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      • <Neither are shoo-in candidates against the Reps you mentioned. >

        LOL! If the 2008 election were held today, an Obama-Clinton ticket would be an overwhelming favorite to win at least 54% of the popular vote. Obama attracts whites, blacks, males, and hispanics to the ticket, not necessarily in that order. Hillary attracts to the ticket women and people of all races and creeds who twice elected her husband, our greatest living ex-President. What's left for the R's?

        OTOH,Giuliani is unacceptable to the rightwing R's because he's pro-choice and otherwise too moderate. McCain wants 20,000 more troops in Iraq, even though none are available other than through a draft and 200,000 more troops probably would not do the job McCain and Bush expect. All R's running in 2008 will be handicapped by bad memories of Bush, Iraq, Tom Tancredo's attacks against hispanics, the lingering stench of Abramoff-Foley-Ney-Cunningham corruption, and religious extremism.

    • You omitted TooManyMartini's and Market2k's illegitimate love child, "Mikey" (aka, "The Poster Formerly Known As IsleyMike") from your list.
      Other than that, good job !!

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