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  • notarethug notarethug Jan 11, 2007 11:03 AM Flag

    Has America lost its Superpower status?

    Regarding Bush's missile attack upon "Al Qaida" in Somalia the other day is part of Bush's making people think he is making progress when he really is not. Fooling true believers into thinking Bush's way is a finely honed skill of the Bush administration, far beyond anything Nixon could have dreamed of.

    But the dream machine is running up against Lincoln's dictum that you can't fool all the people all the time.

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    • Ah yes...and I suspect Clinton's missle into an LL Bean tent in the middle of Sandfuck, Middle East was a noble attempt at flexing his muscle. Unfortunately, the only muscle he was flexing, was under his desk. It's amazing how all the Bushwhackers conveniently forget that Clinton embolded the soon to be terrorists into greater action. Mohammed, Sahid, Osama, let's all attack the devil while it's leader chases women around satan's house and points his finger at the American people and lies! Attack the weak infidels!!
      History will determine whether Bush was right. But at least the fanatic sand fleas have been held in check since 9/11. Thank you George Bush and to the brave soldiers that VOLUNTEER to protect us from the tsunami called Radical Islam.

    • Spoken like a true treasonist liberal. You can't even give credit where credit is due for Bush avenging Clintons rapid departure from Somolia. People like you make these United States ripe for defeat by anyone. Your beliefs along with the beliefs of your party will make us a socialist society in the future. That means you won't be able to own land and you will live worse off than you have it now. That's the problem when you let ignorant people vote.

      What do you mean by a "true believer"?

      Lincoln was one of the greatest presidents ever and he prosecuted treasonous citizens like you.

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