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  • twomartini twomartini Aug 1, 2007 9:34 PM Flag

    Bridge Collapse


    Believe it or not, there is a woman reporter in Minneapolis who is blaming the bridge collapse on global warming.

    For God's sake! When are we going to start ignoring these stupid ass Liberals?

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    • Global Warming her ass,the bridge collapse should be blamed on neglect,rust,poor drainage,too much traffic,apathy,bad attitudes,crappy civil service workers,and an old bridge that should've been replaced decades ago!But people or commuters would howl about the delays or the traffic conjestion,now some of them are at the bottom of the river.What a world we live in!Anybody that doesn't bitch about traffic conjestion and delays is a liar!But the end result of ignoring the facts that this bridge was old and crappy has contributed to people getting killed or injured!

    • Twomartini-My advice to you is to go have two martinis and cool off. These Liberals may be successful in saving your butt - and your children - from what will be a total disaster if action is not taken now to stop global warming.

    • And where do reporters get such wisdom in our society??? I think not. Consider the source.

    • The MN bridge collapse is a terrific metaphor for the failed policies of BushCo, including starving bridge repairs and highway repavings at the expense of a counterproductive war in Iraq, failure to find and punish OBL, and threatening to wage war against Iran for no good reason.

    • Actually, large temperature variations degrades concrete. There was a recent large temperature swing in the area of about 70 degrees F in a 2 hour period. This is one of the theories being kicked around right now. The repair work being done on the bridge is under more scrutiny!

      Never heard of a large fast temp. variation attributed to global warming?

      Never trust scientific information given out by a reporter or a politician.

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