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  • richburkett12 richburkett12 May 8, 2008 5:22 AM Flag

    I DID get a call from the Clinton campaign


    Seeing as how I live in Indiana, I got a call from a Clinton volunteer working to get the vote out.

    I happen to have a great respect for people of ALL political stripes that actually work to help their candidate, as opposed to shouting insults on Yahoo message boards.(*)

    Anyway, I tell her that it's too late, that I've already voted and in the Republican primary, so I can't help her.

    She says, (I'm not kidding), "Oh, you're kidding the Republicans aren't having a primary."

    Still being polite, I mention that the Indiana primary is for BOTH parties and Independents.

    A little confused she goes on, "But I thought the Republicans were all decided."

    "Yes, says I, "but it's still held the first Tuesday of May, anyway. We get to confirm Mc Cain or check one of the others, plus there are state and local offices and a Congressional race to decide."

    She, "Are you sure, I never heard of anythiong like THAT?"

    Yeah, I was pretty sure, but wished I'd asked her why I should support Hillary.

    (*) Papa is PERSONAL with me.

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    • Did you notice how many voters chose "None of the Above" in the R primary rather than selecting John W. McSame? The Republicans are truly divided now. They will be lucky to hang onto a few safe seats in the House and Senate. The divided R's and their presidential geezer have zero chance against the winner of Obama v. Hillary in the November general.

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