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  • papaawasright papaawasright Nov 19, 2008 11:38 AM Flag

    Anybody buying GM or Ford?


    You know...both these companies are on the very brink....the stocks are almost worthless....but a small investment now could yield some big results if the economy gets rolling at some point. Gas prices have tanked and that has increased discretionary spending.....who knows this goes?

    I am almost tempted to throw a few hundred bucks their

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    • Wait until they come out on the other side of BK and re-issue new shares. The current shares are both going to go to zero just like Delphi. There is no hope for the old shares. They are gone already in both companies; therefore, BK is inevitable at this time. Just my opinion, but it is the only way to force re-structuring. Either way, BK or bailout - results in stock going to zero.

    • if you're going to gamble on one of them, I would buy Ford. They said they have enough cash to get through 2009, unlike the others. plus, I have a 2003 Explorer and love it and I see a lot of Edge's around, so people are trading down but still owning Fords. I am also thinking of throwing a few thou at it. risk reward looks good to me.

    • I am not sure I would buy a Ford GM or Chrysler no matter how high the rebates were.

      Oh, were you speaking of the stock? Silly me. No, I would rather buy a gallon of gas than a share of Ford. The chances of me making money are greater.

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