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  • papaa92 papaa92 Jan 12, 2009 9:59 AM Flag

    The Last Press Conference


    I am so very happy. Its like graduation, a military discharge, first time sex, and a lottery ticket win wrapped into one....

    I dont know if it can get any better than this.


    GOD I LOVE THIS COUNTRY.....beter times ahead

    This topic is deleted.
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    • Why indeed! Since I have not, you prove your delusion.

    • It is delusional to think I did. You came up with the moronic argument that you cannot support.

    • It is delusional to think you have given a "beat down" of a published source by stating your disapproval.
      Now go and run from reality. Again!

    • Your analogy to Hitler is misplaced at best.
      Hussein never had his capabilities and had been marginalized for years. He had little, if any, control over vast areas of his country.
      The idea he was any kind of threat suggests that Bush's daddy lied to us when his administration declared Iraq had been bombed back to the Stone Age.
      Not that any of this has to do with BC boy or I posted.

    • Hitler didn't initially attack the U.S. either. Its ally, Japan, did. Hitler did attack our ally, Great Britain, and declared war on us after Pearl Harbor in Dec. 1941. Virtually every informed world government was aware of Iraq's shortcomings in terms of defying the terms of the earlier ceasefire, when Iraq's forces were thrown back after overrunning our ally, Kuwait. The military action that stopped that did not end with a peace. The shooting stopped based on an ultimatum that Iraq must comply with certain provisions of the UN-supervised ceasefire agreement. As has become standard in these cases, the U.S. took, with general concurrence, the lead to enforce the UN ceasefire. Most countries do not hate the U.S. for this. Most countries simply like to sit back and let the leader use resources and take the heat--much like the libs in the U.S. of America.

      Iraq did not comply. We knew based on experience it had WMD, it had used them against its own citizens. It was generally recognized Saddam Hussein was a rogue dictator, who could not be allowed to increase his military capabilities. To do that would be potentially worse (given more modern weaponry) than passively allowing Germany to rebuild after WWI. The UN passed 17 resolutions in its toothless attempts to control Iraq's weapons programs. Most of us seem to have forgotten TV news footage of UN inspectors arriving at the front gates of Iraqi installations, being stopped, then seeing helicopter-borne film of convoys leaving the rear.

      Some of this criticism of the president borders on insanity. It is unlikely history will sustain it. Pres Bush will be viewed by serious scholars as a man of good character doing what was necessary to meet his constitutional responsibilities.

      I realize many lib haters have chosen the president as their raison de etre, and will never recognize reality, but you could be happier if you do.


    • So you cannot provide the items requested. Thanks for the confirmation.
      Your arguments are as moronic as saying Clinton had enough info to stop 911, so it was okay for Bush to sit on his hands for 8 months, even though he would have had more.
      Talk about self-humiliation...

    • Again, provide the civil court conviction. Again, provide proof Bush (wait for it) completed his service.
      If you cannot comprehend, do not waste other posters time.

    • I am certain I have had faster times then you could only imagine getting. The 1986 Run for Literacy has escaped you, for example.
      The only example of a fool on this board is you and your silly Bush posts, BC boy.

    • Where you there? If so, that might make one!

    • So the BC system has failed you. Too bad.
      Physical conditions just do not compare.

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