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  • professorsnape80 professorsnape80 Mar 9, 2010 12:08 PM Flag

    What's wrong with AA?

    market about to make new highs. shouldn't it be making new highs? or at least moving to $16-17?!

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    • Right on, buddy. You got it. It's foolish to be pessimistic for Aa under this situation.

    • Really? You sound like the Dems ... here is a few:

      * Al prices are climbing
      * AA has done a great job operationally and they are going black this Q
      * AA sales are stronger than they have been during this economy implosion as they see improvement in many areas
      * Auto sales up
      * Metals are up
      * Stock is very cheap compared to others in DOW as it pertains to multiple
      * Inventories are coming done on AL
      * The market is moving higher
      * Earnings and outlook will be solid
      * Stock has lagged every stock and either they are all over priced or this dog will have it's day
      * When the market turns, "katie bar the door", as this stock can or might be a coiled spring with all the shorts
      * AA announces first in earning season and their will be optimisim pre-earnings
      * The world economy is recovering, ebbs and flows and this company is right in the middle of it, and at this price seems like a good buy versus the 17 pre-earings last Q
      * Two upgrades in the last few months

      Anyway there is more ... BUT you asked.

    • Alcoa (NYSE:AA) is the worst performer in the Dow Jones Industrial Average, down 14.3% since the start of 2010. Investors have sold off many basic materials stocks due to skepticism over world economic growth rates being strong enough to support current valuations.

      This skepticism was stoked further by news of China tightening interest rates to cool off its own growth. Investors are assuming that any major slowdown in Chinese economic growth would torpedo the commodity bull market.

      I love to read about all of "optimism" on the AA board over the years. The problem: No one can provide a legitimate reason; its all "smoke and mirrors", hope wishful thinking, etc. no solid reasons.

    • or it could mean what is being felt... is about to get worse.

    • When the sentiment is negative in absence of any real bad news, short squeeze takes place. That may happen with AA next week.

    • also, it really doesn't matter too much to me, if AA goes up or down. It will eventually fall, when this correction IMO happens. It's just a question on when, where, and at what price does it fall from. If it happens sooner then later, there will be more panic at this level, in which I will have the trade I want.

    • I never said good or poor mngt. You did! I was just quoting you. Look, I'm looking to trade this and other stocks when the market starts it's descend. While you think the economy is getting better, I think it's a smoke screen for disaster. While their are hundreds of companies like you said,I have my pool. I am looking too expand it, but I watch the action probably too close on what I have. It works for me though. I've been watching AA for quite some time. I remember it in the 8's and couldn't pull the trigger. Honestly, fundamentals are as important to me as somebody else. Charts tell the story for me, and I look for beaten down shares of anything and look for clues that might tell me, it's a trade or the fear is great in the stock. Which is my buy signal. I don't always pull the trigger, but I am getting better at it. The way I try to go long is by trading it until I'm playing with houses money.
      So I say,BUD it's talking and hearing from people like you, that help me make my decisions on where we go from here. You *are* part of the herd. BAAAA BAAAA BAAAA

    • I don't need to prove anything to you. With S & AA your comparing 2 different situations. IF AA was in a up-trend, it wouldn't have retraced from 17's back to 12-13 range if things were going so well at the best managed company in it's class.

      <<If the economy is improving globally>> It's an ILLUSION!!

    • Let me add: Check your charting skills for Sprint(S)'s action on last Thursday and Friday's trading to see if you could have correctly predcited its movement for to-day. I do not think you would be able to. What does that tell you? I do not really think that anything bad is in the pipe line for AA. It's just what I call the Wall Street game of "shifting", where institutional or huge traders shift money around from one company to another using their fast and mighty computer softwares programmed to move in and out under certain preprogrammed conditions. They do this only using stocks that have large trading volumes, such as those of AA, C, S, and GE. Thus, to treat AA shares the same way as a much smaller and less stable company leads to erroneous results. As for AA, I think it's just that now. However, we should find out really what is going on within just a week's trading from now.

    • Well, check your charting skills with Sprint (S): Go to last Thursday-Friday trading for S and see if you could have predicted to-day's price action for the shares. The average trading volume for S is somewhat greater than AA and S is the third largest telephone and best wireless phone company. Thus, the comparison wouldn't be bad. Do not respond to this post if your result do not prove your point!!

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