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  • longs_action_united longs_action_united Jul 22, 2010 1:02 PM Flag

    Looks like this board has the short shop Nigerian posters too

    They even use the same scripts on every board.

    Always trying to stir up something to scare people, thinking they won't buy stocks or hold stocks if they're scared.

    Weird bunch of freaks.

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    • Has anyone seen this Teabag recruiting tool?

      Now this is scary stuff!!!!!

      I am a tea party member. I offer my sincere apologies to BP for this shakedown.

      The tea party is really cool. All my friends joined it so i had to as well. My church said if you didn't join the tea party you hated Jesus so I joined.

      I hate big government and handouts even though I collect social security checks and have medicare. Its OK for me to use these services because I'm a real American. Others who use these services are just lazy immigrants who don't deserve to live in our country.

      Me and the Tea party hate Obama and all demoncrats. They are destroying this country and are all communists and nazis and other scary words which contradict each other.

      The tea party is often called racist which is a lie by liberal dems. In truth the tea party has nothing against colored people as long as they are not in charge of whites and live away from our communities. Tea partiers are not racists! We just hate anyone who isn't white is all.

      I'm in the tea party. I like fox news, sarah palin, guns, and white christians. No one else deserves to be American unless they are in the tea party like me.

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