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  • jforuus jforuus Feb 11, 2011 6:07 PM Flag


    I agree the bookstar is a DB for the record.

    AA needs to raise their dividend!!

    AA is trying to break out on the monthly DB.

    Goodluck to all you DB Longs.

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    • Raising a dividend isn't always a sign of strength.

      1] It may be a sign that the mgmt has no clue of how to apply free cash to strengthen the business. Investing cash to increase future earnings should equate to higher share prices.

      2] AA may be viewed as a growth play. {Be advised that this player is immune to boos and catcalls.} This isn't meant to be a call that will be sustained over a long period of time. Look for the mgmt to reinvest cash to capture market share and shore up the balance long enough to allow recent ins to sell as a long term gain.

      3] A div increase would bump the share price, but holding the bump is problematic. Enterprise Value {EV}, is the Holy Grail. Retaining earnings and creating shareholder value is not a bad thing.

      4] If one is of the opinion that the mgmt is crooked, incompetent or are sons of Satan, the logical course it to sell and go away. Allow the fools to fail in peace.

      5] Look for an increase in 2012.


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