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  • payforplay17 payforplay17 Nov 15, 2011 7:58 PM Flag

    President Obama - vetted & approved

    We have a good president. The public approved of him in 2008. He was analyzed by the Ameerican people like none other in history. He was overwhelmingly elected by the largest margin since 1984.

    The republican candidates are not qualified. After 5 minutes in office, Obama already had more experienced as President than all of them combined. Let stick with the sure thing and not take a chance on going back to the failed policies of Bush.

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    • As promised, here is infrastructure spending by catagory for the last ten years. Seems there were HUGE increases during the previous administration when uhhhh well ah you know who was in charge.

      But then who can trust the Office of Budget Management for data when we have the folks like nothug to inform us?

      Anyway, here is the site and the study by the Mercatus Center Research at George Mason University. The site has some interesting charts that don't copy to Yahoo chat.

      The American Jobs Act, unveiled by President Obama during his speech last week, calls for over $50 billion to be spent on infrastructure. To combat the current recession, the U.S. government has already undertaken a number of large discretionary stimulus measures. These include the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) of 2009 (which included over $130 billion for infrastructure), and $20 billion in more infrastructure spending in the Hiring Incentives to Restore Employment Act of March 2010. However, despite a decade of massive spending increases, we are still left with unsatisfactory road, air, and transit systems and traffic delays and congestion. There is no reason to believe that more spending will improve America’s infrastructure debacle.

      In this week’s chart, Mercatus Center Research Fellow Veronique de Rugy tracks the overwhelming percentage increase in infrastructure spending over the past ten years – using data from a recent Wall Street Journal article that uses data from the Office of Management and Budget. The spending categories in this chart show areas in which the Jobs Act seeks to spend more. Each of these categories has significantly increased in the past decade and has shown little return.

      Even during Obama’s televised speech, the White House displayed the following statistics: “More than 2,700 miles of our roads are in need of repair,” “the American commute has never been longer, topping 100 hours a year,” and “in 2010, total U.S. airline delays topped 19,000,000 minutes.” All of the while transportation spending increased 76%, and spending on Science and Research (125%) and the Department of Energy (175%) grew rapidly in the past decade.

      No one disputes that American public works need improving, and economists have long recognized the value of infrastructure. Roads, bridges, airports, and canals are the conduits through which goods are exchanged. However, infrastructure spending is unlikely to provide much of a stimulus — and it certainly won’t provide the kind of boost the president has promised in the American Jobs Act.

    • Bush left President Obama and the Democrats to figure out how to clean up his many messes. No wonder it is taking so long
      Not having a clue doesn't help the situation - - - - had we realized his level of incompetency - - we could have left some "paint by numbers" instructions!

    • Bush knew how to get out of (serving in ) Viet Nam, but he could never figure out Iraq after lying himself into a big mess.

      Bush left President Obama and the Democrats to figure out how to clean up his many messes. No wonder it is taking so long, with the obstructionist Rethugs doing their best to run out the clock.

    • You are an idiot!

    • I understand on election day they will be passing out Obama joints before voting. It the only way he can win.

    • There was no policy nor is there growth. You had a banking freeze caused by the FED & liberal democrats in their everybody is entitled to own a home policies. The following credit sqeeze freaked everybody out. All we did is bounce back up to the bottom.

      Oh Obama did spend a TRILLION we didn't have and increased spending 15 TRILLION but still no effect. Just bouncing along the bottom. That growth was simply restocking shelves after the freak out period.

      Oh and unemployment continued to rise during that "growth" period and is still 9% today. Real unemployment is more like 20% not to mention all the underemployed. It's a mess out there.

    • LOL, there's nothing any president could do to turn 5% growth into a recession in 2 months. Anyway that's when it was called. You need 2 QRT's of a contracting a economy to be a recession. So the recession started under CLinton.

      Clinton's first 2 years were lousy also. He raised taxes and the economy suffered. HillaryCare also slowed things.

      It wasn't Clinton but a tech revolution from the mini to the micro that gave us a good economy. Then the killer app the browser. Government was collecting more in cap gains taxes than income taxes. Eventually that had to end.

      As with all new technologies there follows a decade of consolidation. Has to be as survivors become real businesses. We used to have 15 PC companies remember??

      Bottom line we are suffering today because of government. Too much of it and taxes too high to support it. Yet Obama wants to increase the pace even more. The guy is a disaster. We may never recover?

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