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  • yourdeadmeat69 yourdeadmeat69 Dec 18, 2011 10:18 AM Flag

    YUP, deadmeat

    If you took the moron pledge you did so of your own volition. You worry more about "manners" than the truth.

    If Hitler told you water was wet, would it be dry?

    If Jesus told you water was dry, would it be wet or dry?

    If the smiling guy told you to enter a gas chamber and take deep breaths, it's good for you, would you enter willingly?

    You need to figure out what is important to you, but to those in this market for keeps, it's a math test.

    It isn't a grammar test.

    It isn't a test to see who is most popular in some board.

    Can't you handle the truth? Or does every fact have to come with your version of KY jelly?

    Some things fit into a scheme where manners control. It is better to ask for a date by asking say, "do you want to go get some dinner?" than, "let's you and I make some chit".

    But outside of romance, I can't think of a single thing on anybody's investment plate, that doesn't equate to supply, demand, management, and assets and liabilities.

    You may be older than I am, but you need to grow up.

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    • dead meat, dont waste your time with rich...may be some old-timers disease at work...also, i would not be surprised if squam and rich (and a few other on this board are the same person)...btw, i do own 9000 aa shares and have heli-skied in chile...

    • I guess you're correct, I need to grow up.

      For instance, I usually have some PROOFFFFFFFFFFFF that somebody else is lying or greatly mistaken BEFORE I call them a liar or a moron.

      Your method of merely deciding the obvious is much easier and saves the time and trouble of actually pointing out errors.

      If by "manners," you mean expecting something close to proper English grammar from a self-proclaimed genius, you are correct.

      I'm not quite sure what Hitler or Jesus have to do with my straying from truth. Perhaps you could enlighten me?

      As for YOUR 'gas chamber analysis', taking DEEP breaths IS the way to go unless you can hold your breath for three or four days.

      It was interesting that YOU brought up "popularity contest," since it was YOU bragging about YOUR stars. Find ONE (1) post where I mentioned MY STARS? Oppppsie, can't find one.


      As your your 'dating analogy', you'll have to take it up with tonette payless. He is the big man with the ladies.

      One thing I have noted: SCUM LIKE YOU always want to change the topic and put words in other peoples' mouths and then argue with those.

      THE ONLY THING I SAID wacouldn't recall the part where Dale Carnegie said to call those you wanted to influence 'morons'. Since you can't either, you are exhibiting counter productive behavior. But don't stop on my account.

      PS: I really enjoy exposing losers such as yourself. Thanks

    • "You need to figure out what is important to you, but to those in this market for keeps, it's a math test."

      If you're in it "for keeps", then by your own standard:

      24k AA = FAIL

      Unless under-performing relative to most other indices is your goal...

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