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  • rockinl23 rockinl23 Mar 5, 2012 9:32 AM Flag

    Rush was right!

    Show one how far this country has fallen. OK a little crude but why should contraceptives be free to support a lifestyle?? It has nothing to do with health to begin with. You are not going to get sick and die wothout them?

    Let's say my insurance pool has 5 million women that use contraseptives. That's a loss of 100 million per month. Of course it's not free so that money will be paid by everybody else through higher premiums. It just drives the cost up higher. Nobody is talking making them illegal. Simply pay when you play.

    As for religeous institutions they are protected by our constitution which says "The State shall not establish a religion nor prohibit the exercise thereof" Clearly they do not have to make available things which they do not believe in. Besides, women who work for churches know what they are getting into. They can simply work elsewhere.

    The women in question here is in a Catholic University. Many Universities offer health insurance so contraseptives are not covered at her school. She should simply leave and go elsewhere.

    What she is really saying is I want to whore around with no consequence. On top of that she wants FREE! The nerve of the Bit*h. Ok Rush was crude but point well made. If we have to pay for "free" then we want somethjing for our money like say a porno film??LOL I thought that was kind of funny myself.

    ..Oh.... the poor already get "free" through Medicaid and Title X. SO that arguement is a red herring.

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    • Leaving the religious question out of it for a minute, I would just like to say there are many other reasons for the use of birth control than wanting to enjoy the simple fact sex is fun and the expression of love and passion between a man and a woman does not have to lead to procreation. There a other medical reasons for birth control for women. One being a heart condition. Many women can develop serious heart problems before they reach the end of their reprodutive years. In many cases these women could die in childbirth. The choice of birth control is not always for convenience.

      On another note: How many times has Rush been married? Three or four, I think. Oddly, no children. Either he's firing blanks or those women are by his own words.....

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      • Many women can develop serious heart problems before they reach the end of their reprodutive years.
        I'm not defending Rush's poor choice of words in any way - but I doubt the women addressed in the current debate re: Sandra Fluke, are at the end of their reproductive years - we're talking coeds in early 20's and the issue was whether or not Georgetown should be paying for birth control was what she addressed - - - she was part of testimony to Congress that is debating the whole forced coverage of contraception issue.

    • Who GAS? Fat phuck needs to stay out of the bedroom. Look at that pig, who'd let him in?

      Country falling apart, currency in the toilet, endless worthless wars, religious zealots with one hand in the collection plate and another up an alter boy's butt, and all that can occupy the AL Kaida Xtians is this mindless crap.

      Here's a hint, people have sex.

      You can move along now to something on topic.

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      • Yea but it's the democrats in the bedroom not the other way around! Again nobody is asking to make them illegal??? They are saying pay up! Why should they be free???

        There's an old saying, you ride the train you pay the fare. Women should simply buy contraceptives and shut up about it. It's called personal responsibility. Heck the guy could simply buy a rubber for a buck.

        This whole crap is being started by hard core lefty feminists and hard core lefties in general. They are forcing their agenda on other people asking them to pay for it to boot.

        Answer is simple. If they want to enjoy sex no problem. Buy your own contraseptives or pay the deductable like everybody else. What's next?? Free VD treatments?? Hey why not?? One gets to sleep around free of getting knocked up but they can't legislate disease free sex. I guess that's the next "free" health care service the rest of us will have to pay for.

      • pearls before swine here meat.
        this board is full of democlowns and repuklians.

    • I think Rush should give the GOP keynote speech in Tampa - he would energize the frothing at the mouth conservatives. Latest bumper sticker: Birth Control Sluts for Obama. Keep up the good work soldier.

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