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  • yourdeadmeat69 yourdeadmeat69 Mar 15, 2012 5:28 PM Flag

    why AA is so hated?

    actually not correlated very well with aluminum spot--this isn't a precious metal--I have seen too much divergence.

    aa is somewhat dependent on al spot, but mostly on future business.

    Which is about to double in three years.

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    • Dow at all time high and all AA can do is 10.35.
      Bac, for comparison, gained 90$ since the Oct low.
      There us something going on with the stock that is not obvious. Even RBCN, gained 25% in the last few days.
      Some entity is working very hard for too long to keep the price low. What can be so rewarding doing so? could be a take over, can't think of anything else.

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      • You have it backazzwards. BAC, which has rec'd more bailout money and is bankrolled by the Fed, controls 1 of every 7 GDP dollars which is why it is too big to fail, so BAC gets to have a "controlling entity". AA is just a company. You might as well compare apples and gonads. They're both round. The end.

        The stock ran up to $47 ahead of itself for all the right reasons, aluminum is the car material of the future. Period. They are done with all the games they can play with computer efficiencies, the only thing left to fight is weight. You'll see aluninum in every flat surface in a car. 36 months.

        But the crawl back to higher highs, with the same rationale that got ahead of itself, is always a plough fraught with omygods that should have happened the first time around, and are now being applied johnny out the door, too late. All this caution is unnecessary.

        AA will explode in about a year. No, not to$47. More like $16. Definately $11.50 by January.

        a double from there by 2014 just when housing starts to climb out of stagnation, and the stock market is about 16000 built on the Bernanke bubble.

        If you bought at $47, you should have quadrupled down at $10. You should BE by 2016. The rest of us will have to be happy with $10 going to $20.

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