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  • yourdeadmeat69 yourdeadmeat69 Mar 22, 2012 8:46 AM Flag

    We Interrupt Political Drivel for a word about AA

    The general market has convinced itself that the pundits in the recommendation business really mean "buy stock now, we have to unload". En masse futures are trashed 22 March.

    Equally meaningless is the headline drivel, suddenly we're again worried about the world economy. China is cooling not crashing, but it is entitled--those folks are already buying Volvo and Buick Regals, $40K cars, where they couldn't afford rickshaws ten years ago.

    It's not a stock market, it's a market of stocks. AA at these levels remains a rock. (LOL)
    I continue to collect cheap shares and sell covered calls against my stash in this the markets worst week in ages.

    Buffet says buy when others sell. Invest accordingly FWIW.

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    • the loss of your mind.
      I hope for your family's sake it isn't alshiemers

    • and as far as i can tell owns zero aa shares...

    • You must realize that poor dumb Buckett has not life other than at the computer hour after hour.

    • has anyone else looked at their cash flow statement for the 4th qtr 11?

    • Why, of course, I'm insane .... Always the last cry of the LIAR.

      You say 'politics' has no relevance to Alcoa.

      I post a coherent message that proves otherwise.

      You offer some praise for my post.

      When I mention that you had praised my post, you claim you didn't.

      I juxapose YOUR two statements, proving you LIED.

      So you CHANGE THE TOPIC and bring up "my losses" in the market.

      I ask what losses?

      Now I'm insane.

      ZAT 'bout it, dillweed?

      I'll let techster explore the LIE that you have us on ignore. I'm reasopnably sure he can handle that all by himself.

      You see, insanity, may be beyond a person's control. Out and out lying is NOT.

      Get that Humpty?

    • You're phucking insane.

    • Buffett does not say to buy crap!

    • AS I DEMONSTRATED YESTERDAY, to everyone's, INCLUDING YOUR, satisfaction, the defeat of Barack Hussein Obama in November has a POSSIBILITY of providing a energy policy not quite so nightmarish as the current one.

      A 'less nightmarish' energy policy HAS I ALSO DEMONSTRATED to YOUR satisfaction has POSITIVE implications for Alcoa.

      NOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW, the only question is whether Obama should be ousted ONLY because of his energy policies', or because he is a lying, sack of Narcissistic garbage and seems determined to rewrite the Constitution at every opportunity.

      YOUR choice, twit.

      • 1 Reply to rburkett101
      • The only question I resolved, is to recognize your policy related post, that lowering costs of production in energy, has a positive effect on aluminum profits. It is ONE of a number of efficiencies AA can pursue, not the lynchpin of the entire aluminum industry, an important, but still one note samba. AA is vertically integrated and has a number of advantages over the rest of the field that warrant efficiencies being worked on since third quarter last year.

        Your assumption, that govt can do anything, screams against history of government mucking up the process. The US suffered a half dozen recessions between 1776-1913, all of which lasted no more than 48 months. The Depression, with all of FDR's enactment of Hoover generated meddling with free markets, took us 17 years to get out from under.

        I would not look to the great gods of political leadership to do anything but muck up the process. Until we get alternates to fuel oil on the road, the 19 cars now getting 40 MPG or better sold and leased versus 2 models four years ago, the better. As oil drops, so will pressure on the electric grid you're worried about.

        As long as the country continues to think it needs to repeat the victory of WWII by bombing camel jockeys out of existence to grind up its war machine, the people who supply oil we are bombing and fighting fist fights, house to house in Fablungastan, will ensure our oil supply costs us dearly in our declining treasure.

        In the meantime, aluminum is the new car metal of choice, cheaper and most importantly, lighter than steel and just as strong, without degradation.

        AA remains solid investment at these levels, and I recognize folks got burned at much higher levels.

        As for who is in power to screw up what, I can assure you, no matter who, they'll screw up what.

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