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  • inetguy2000 inetguy2000 May 25, 2012 1:28 PM Flag

    Deadmeat is the only helpful investor

    To be honest, Deadmeat is one of few even remotely helpful investors in this board. I don't know why you fools hate on him constantly. I find his insight very well considered and useful. What are you guys 15? You sound like children.

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    • Thanks. That's very heartening. I try. Anybody so eggregiously OT all the time is a company basher, zillions of posts about non AA topics attempting to soil the board, much as an untrained dog leaves its feces out of boredom, or in retribution. It's not hard to figure these clowns agenda, so I appreciate the support. To be sure, I sweat each investment same as you, and my timing sucks, which is why I sell covered call options and hedge. MY BE is around $9.30, and that has taken a lot of time to engineer down from $10.06 last three months.

      Switch gears. About the three stooges/trolls that provide stupidity about candidates for whatever office--until our system reverts to Constutional "pay as you go not pay as you borrow", stops degrading the currency 90% every forty years to minimize that debt--with a silver or gold or commodity based currency--until the Fed is put out of business by a Congress that takes Jefferson's warnings seriously--(never centralize banks, you will have nothing, they will own everything, your money will eventually become worthless, and you'll be indentured to the workplace forever)--no candidate is worth a single word, because it's same old same old. The only sane choice is Ron Paul with maybe Peter Schiff as VP, but that is so outlandish, it doesn't bear argumentation--it's too late for sanity for most of America, born into the "gimmee" age post Eisenhower.

      Thanks for your support, I will try to lend insight where I can, take it for what it is worth, and join me in fighting the trolls, making them disappear, or at least, sweat.

      They've earned it.

      The only thing we can do, is concentrate on the efficacy of our investments, which live in this virtual world created of high frequency trading, an SEC revolving door with financial interests backing that mythology,--solutions way outside the problems in housing and derivatives we created due to the gospel of greed, and the misimpression, that government is a viable Frankenstein monster capable of being more than the sum of its tax revenues.

    • "I find his insight very well considered and useful"
      In the "Inwesting" world that would be considered your epitaph - - which one of his on topic posts did you find most useful???

      18-Apr-12 09:53 am
      I recall you eat dogc hit.

      18-Apr-12 07:24 am
      Neither do you idiot

      4-Apr-12 08:46 am
      Before you go to war, understand what that means.

      22-Mar-12 04:43 pm
      You're phu//cking insane.

      18-Mar-12 07:28 pm

      6-Mar-12 01:08 am
      A village is missing its idiot.

      18-Dec-11 07:18 pm
      Go f .u .c. k yourself.

      18-Dec-11 07:23 pm
      Don't go f .u .c .k yourself.

      14-Nov-11 06:28 am
      Haven't we learned anything about dil..does from Texas?

      2-May-12 11:22 am
      How about, roses are red, violets are blue, go ph..uck yourself, how do you do?

      2-May-12 11:23 am
      I suggest you pose as the centerfold of your new website, lying ph/uck dot com

      13-May-12 07:31 pm
      On this mother's day, mother phu..kkker


      On second glance I can see what you two would have in common. LMFAOAY

    • again, most of them don't own or trade aa in any fashion...several have admitted as much...why they waste their time here is beyond me...btw, i do own aa..

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