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  • tngenchek tngenchek Aug 30, 2012 4:24 PM Flag

    Difference between Obama supporters, and Romney supporters

    From WaPo

    " Romney supporters sign their checks on the front, and the Obama supporters sign their checks on the back."

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    • The “deficit hawk” congressman (Ryan) who voted for two unfunded wars, a budget-busting prescription drug plan that steered billions into the accounts of Big Pharma, and the bank bailout of 2008, made his choice long ago. He’s not going to level with the American people. He’s going to try to make them believe things that are not true.

      The biggest Ryan fantasy is the austerity lie: the one that says the wealthiest country in the world is going broke because some children are educated, some sick people are cared for and most old people are afforded a measure of retirement security. As lies go, it’s an effective one. Delegates at the Republican Convention seem united in their belief.

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      • "He’s going to try to make them believe things that are not true."

        You mean like "the surge isn't working" and then sending his own surge to "the war we have to cut and run from"? Ot that" halving the deficit" thing? Or that "failure of leadership" thing? Or that "you can keep your healthcare" thing? Or that "focusing like a laser on jobs" thing? Or that "unemployment is the best way to create jobs" thing?

        Please be more specific when you humiliate yourself...

      • I can tell from your post, it was too long to get from an Obama bumper sticker, so the only other place LibThinkers are told what to think are the alphabet stations. You absolutely need to keep watching them since the truth wouldn't let you sleep at night.

      • What about the billions big Pharma spends on research?? How about the 1,000's of other drug companies spending 10's of billions on research?? Do you think all new medical technology and drugs for new diseases come free?? Many of these companies lose money if they don't get a hit on their research. Anyway society benefits greatly by being cured quickly or living longer.

        Talk about a waste. What about the 10's of billions in AIDS research?? That's a completely avoidable disease. It only requires behavior changes since it spreads from a single sex act. So according to you let's raid the profits of Big Pharma and they will spend on research out of the goodness of their heart?? LMAO Wake up to the real world.

        Decades ago about 50% of cures came from Europe and the USA. Europe raped that industry so research ended. Today 95% of new cures come from the US. SO I guess you want no new cures just mass produce aspirin and let most of the employes lose their jobs. Great plan.

        Your other comments are a complete lie. Ryan isn't going to do anything to retirees that are middle class or lower. Obama screwed this group by stealing 716B from Medicare to help pay for Obama Care. It's Obama that will cut their retirement income. Bernanke is already not paying them a dime in interest!

        Education is a State not a Federal issue. Never was. That's why the Federal Education department needs to be disbanded. Schools are paid for by local Real Estate taxes. School spending has been over 3 times the rate of inflation for decades. Hardly underfunded. Let's clean up the corruption first then worry about additional tax dollars. People are millionaires in places like NY catering to the education establishment. Procurement is littered with corruption. But when caught it's always...But it's for the children....LMAO

        The message is simple. Get government spending back to its historic average of 20% of GDP. That's still a lot of money. Obama kicked it up to 25% and it did nothing. All that cash is ending up in people's pockets. Corruption is rampant. In NY, an all democrat town, politicians are doing the perp walk monthly. Enough with this crap already. High taxes = high corruption. Power to the people not government!!

      • Voters need to ask who Ryan represents. It is people who make a million dollars a year or more. Everything he says is intended to produce policy that benefits them, and which hurts working people. Millionaires don’t like having to pay for government-provided infrastructure, or health care for workers, and don’t like having to put up with unions. The rest of us like driving on roads without potholes, over bridges that don’t fall down, and not being bankrupted when we need an operation.

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