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  • saltfish123 saltfish123 Aug 31, 2012 4:13 PM Flag

    After the Fed speach, I think we will have a bigger chance of QE3. I have a feeling AA will blast off soon.

    I am loading it up.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • I think QE is good for the economy and good for commodities or else they won't call it for stimulus for nothing. You need to study the history. Remember the last QE and what it did to the price of AA? That is your answer.

    • The problem is QE raises the price of commodities like oil making it more expensive to make ALU. Since demand is weak and getting weaker AA has no pricing power to make up the difference. So profits will go DOWN. This is why QE doesn't work. Consumers get hit with higher prices simply by the dollar going down in value raising the price of goods. With no demand they don't get pay increases so QE actually sinks the economy not help it. If prices rise because demand is high that's a good thing. It's a natural result of a strong economy. It also means people will get pay increases to offset higher prices. This is when AA will soar in PPS. It will happebn when Obama loses the election and we get real leadership.

      Bernanke is a Wall Street guy. The big banks love QE & zero rates because they get to gamble for free. All that extra cash pumps up asset prices. It removes risk for them. It also gives them no reason to lend. In fact why would anybody lend with rates so low?? They can't make money lending.

      This is why Bernanke has to go. Savers get nothing. This is a huge stimulus missing from the economy. People will #$%$ away interest but not principle. States lose tax revenue in the process. Home prices remain too high making them unsellable once rates normalize. The crisis has long since passed. Time to normalize rates. Our problems are not monetary. They are in Washington.

      Let's repeal Obama Care and institute real reforms. Let's get rid of Dodd Frank and enforce the laws we have. Let's have tax reform (flatter). Let's get realistic EPA laws not the wacko stuff that we get now. Then watch the economy fly. Obama/Bernanke have to go!

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