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  • citioec citioec Nov 30, 2012 11:59 AM Flag

    Fiscal Cliff Resolved AA=$9.50 Soon!! AA Will Make Money!!


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    • The fiscal cliff won't be resolved if Mitch McConnell and his fellow Retards keep insisting that President Obama cut Medicare.

      Less than one month ago, the Rethugs were attacking the President for allegedly cutting Medicare (they lied; he didn't). Now they Rethugs are demanding that old folks on fixed incomes give up lots of what they worked so hard for, and both parties supported until Dubya started a couple wars and gave away the fed treasury to the top 1%

      McConnell needs to shut his pie hole and sign onto a big deficit reduction package, without hurting old folks.

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      • "Obushma needs to shut his pie hole and sign onto a big deficit reduction package, without "halving" it like he did before"

        Fixed that for ya thuggie, since you seem to have trouble dealing with the messiah's "words not deeds" incompetence...

        "But President Obama’s first offer to avoid going over the "fiscal cliff" holds out the hope of at least some stimulus. This would include extending the 2 percentage point Social Security payroll tax cut, boosting a tax incentive to businesses, establishing a $50 billion bank for long-term infrastructure projects, and extending unemployment benefits.

        The total bill: about $255 billion out of the federal government's pocket"

    • If they fix the fiscal cliff the best you get is what we have today. Basically no change. The cliff takes spending lower than today and taxes higher. Fix it and no change.

      In reality the fix will require some form of higher taxes & lower spending so the cliff will be a lose lose for stocks. The fix deal simply means less worse than no fix. Reality is we can no longer spend like drunken sailors endlessly.

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