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  • popsatfortwalton popsatfortwalton Dec 31, 2012 2:43 PM Flag

    Predictions going forward..???

    No charts or graphs.

    Dec 2013.....$14 to $16

    Dec 2014....$18 to $22

    Dec 2015....$23 to $28

    Dec 2016....$28 to $34

    Shorts will belie these estimates or hopes.

    Good luck to all longs....


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    • So, hass China stopped over producing Aluminum? NO, get a clue!

    • AA over $11, unemployment under 7% by the end of 2013.

      Happy New Year all!

    • Depends on how much Bernanke prints?? Right now we are printing a TRILLION to ourselves plus Obama is spending 1.2T both every year. This cannot continent forever. Bernanke will be forced to end QE's or the currency will collapse.

      I'm not that optimistic. We know we are getting higher taxes and new taxes for ObamaCare. Plus more regulations. None of this will help economic growth. Corporate profits are slowing. Rates can't go lower and salaries have hit bottom so those tailwinds are gone. Without Bernnake buying bonds markets will go lower with rates rising. This sugar high is about over.

      If we get pro growth policies maybe some nice increase but that don't happen with current administration. I afraid more of the same slog. Worse higher taxes will slow things more.

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      • I was quite surprised to read your post because your thoughts are very close to mine. I normally do not come to this message board, usually going to FSC and PSEC boards only because I like to buy and own BDCs which pay high dividends. But since AA is going to announce its earnings soon and even Cramer was talking about it in tonight's Mad Money, therefore I would like to come to see how this board thinks about the stock. If I understand Cramer correctly, he believed AA's price may drop after it announced it earnings after market tomorrow because it would not be that great and it would be a great chance to buy it. He seems to believe when the economy continues to improve, AA will improve. I cannot say if he is wrong but the more I look at AA, I am not so sure I want to buy and hold it for long term because it simply does not fit my investment goals: (1) Capital preservation and appreciation; (2) Income. This recently market rally cannot and will not last too long, any time taxes are increased, it will not be good for economy and with global recessions (Europe, Singapore, Japan, etc.) earnings of many companies will continue to be weak. 2013 will be a tough year for stocks, IMHO. J

    • DJIA over 15,000 at least once in 2013!

    • "Shorts will belie these estimates or hopes"

      Seems you're being a bit more realistic this year, good luck to you though...

      "It will be over $40 when the Saudi plant comes on line in the last half of 2013....."

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