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  • brumar_lv brumar_lv Jan 2, 2013 8:06 PM Flag

    The NRA Solution - Part 2

    Here's a summary of the responses to my post on the NRA solution to school killings.

    1. Rockin123 said I wanted to outlaw guns. I never said that. In fact, it can't be done. Most Americans would refuse, including me. He also believes that with liberals a swastika is just around the corner. Our best defense against crazed gunmen, according to Rockin123, is an armed society.

    2. IJUSTMADEUPTHISID had several posts. First he stated that guards are free. The general public can act as armed guards for free. He also stated that Columbine was a successful example of how armed guards help to reduce school deaths. (In that 1999 event 12 students and 1 teacher were killed plus 21 students injured. Apparently the shooting started when the bombs they planted in the lunchroom failed to detonate. Those bombs would probably have killed hundreds.) He also said he was glad I was not a Columbine guard because I would have tried to reason with Harris and #$%$ in my pants.

    3. Seanesq2001 did not agree that Columbine was a success story for having school guards.

    4. TI080141 said we should arm gradeschoolers and the NRA can train them.

    5. Suamish suggested that Chicago schools be a test case for giving kids bullet proof vests.

    6. Zingermaster agreed with my contention that millions of guards would be needed, but was not specific as to who they might be.

    My opinion is that the public cannot be disarmed, nor can we prevent crazies from gaining access to guns. The cat is out of the bag, so to speak. Two weeks ago a homeowner in Seattle killed two armed burglars breaking into his home ... a good argument for allowing gun ownership. I also doubt that mandatory firearms safety training classes could be implemented, even though its a good idea because it might reduce the number of accidental shootings. The volunteer guard idea might be helpful if it were well organized, and the volunteers well trained. I doubt that millions of unorganized armed people walking around provides much protection from crazies. I also don't think arming all teachers is a good idea ... maybe 3-4 trained teachers in each school with the weapons secured.

    My opinion is the best way to protect oneself and the family from crazed killers is to move to another country ... Costa Rica, Ireland, Wales and parts of England for example. Crazed killers seem to be less common there. If this is not possible, to home school children and/or move to a small rural town.

    Finally, I believe that Hollwood movies and video games play a role in the fantasies of some killers. This should be studied and the advice of experts (people who have closely studied these killers) be heeded, even though that smacks of censorship.

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    • For every burglar killed while breaking into a home there are several instances of the homeowner shooting a family member who got up to take a leak; a drunken neighbor who wandered into the wrong home; or him/herself. Gun ownership is a problem in itself, not a solution to any social or political ill that our society suffers.

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