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  • d.ssss d.ssss Jan 16, 2013 8:31 PM Flag

    Osshead mutherphukkkers listen up


    You shhcciittbag mutherhumpers keep betting against this beautiful old example of US industry at its best. And I only wish this Yahoo trash medium would allow me to address you short pos phukkks the way I wish I could. Longs will win very shortly, because the metal industry is slowly finding the out of country supply line is inferior in every respect. Steel, aluminum, titanium, it doesn't matter. Overseas suppliers are supplying garbage in all respects. Europe has found their own supply lines for BMW, VW, and the rest of the great companies from there, but I would bet that not one of them is buying from China at this time until the Chinese can get their manufacturing standards to a replicative level of quality, something they have never done in the past, and have no motivation to do so with the pitiful prices they are receiving for their products. And my response to them is #$%$, because they wish every American the worst imaginable outcome, as they always have throughout history.

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