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  • rockinl23 rockinl23 Jan 30, 2013 5:13 PM Flag

    Israel bombs Syria

    Jets wipe out convoy headed to Lebanon. Now we know Hezbollah is backed by Iran. Hmmm....QE 5 by next week?? Or WW3? Make no mistake Obama is asleep at the switch and Hillary just quit because she was worthless. Foreign affairs in America is in shambles.

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    • Bad logic! Foreign affairs in America was a shambles when Bush was president ...two unfunded trillion dollar wars, 911, disaffected allies, etc etc etc. What is the US supposed to do ... bomb convoys in Lebanon? Hezbollah has been backed by Iran since Kumani. QE5 is the ultimate result of horrendous Fed mistakes prior to 2007. If you want to talk about worthless ... start with Condalessa Rice. What are you smoking?

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      • Bush had a good foreign policy in a tough situation. The wars were backed by almost every western country. Our allies agreed it was just to free the world of Saddam and put a hurt on terror and their leaders.

        It was Susan Rice that was worthless. You have your Rices mixed up! lol You know Susan that blamed the embassy deaths on a video which we all know now was BS. Clinton ignored all calls for more security while putting on all her "fly miles". Clinton had no accomplishments whatsoever unless you call getting a US Ambassador killed an "accomplishment??

      • "Hezbollah has been backed by Iran since Kumani'

        perhaps you missed Obushma's claim that his terrorist buddies had "legitimate claims". Albeit we know what he's done to his drug addled brain...

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