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  • blair.wagner Jul 31, 2013 9:57 AM Flag

    Real value here

    See Seeking Alpha article for a full picture of this company. Think Klaus has done OK under the market
    circumstances. Once the world's turns this will be a winner. Do not give your shares away,worth at least
    13-15. Hang in there.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • If the whole market is pricing in growth, why isn't AA moving slightly north. I'm not expecting miracles of back to $15, however it does not make sense why were flat lined for two years. Yes, no pulse.

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      • dbr what in the world are you doing here I thought you would never give up the RFMD message board!
        No you might remember me Its been a few years since I played frmd quite a few year!
        however if your tracking this stock you got to be long and hope the price of aluminum goes up by the end of the ever it the # 1 shorted stock on the dow !!
        very light volume right now its a sit and wait!
        AA doing a good job turning this into a mfg. business!
        a lot of things could happen
        the market sees this mainly as a mining stock
        it could go down more if the LME price don't turn
        china a big liar on there production of aluminum plus there a lot of tons in storage
        AND theres a chance this co. could get spun off
        but there are using a lot more now and into the future
        cheep aluminum- lighter weight- it's going in plans, autos, aerospace & more
        I see this at $12.00 by next summer!
        if u can remember me

    • blair.. have you not read the news??? lme warehouses in trouble world is flooded in alum. china (the largest producer in the world) will double production by 2017,,,, Russia is selling alumina on the market THE MARKET IS FLOODED 5 MILLION METRIC TONS IN WAREHOUSES CHINA DOUBLE PRODUCTION .. AND YOU know what Alcoa gave china the smelter tech so I see Alcoa stock going to 5 dollars a share by the end of the year .....and don't give me bull that Alcoa is high end their high end plants are in china

    • Sold mine today. Done with the wait. GL.

    • ranceplourde Jul 31, 2013 4:34 PM Flag

      Bombardier; the largest high speed train manufacturer was the first company in Europe to develop and apply an all aluminum carbody concept for the high speed segment. Bombardier is now gearing up to produce thousands of new trains to meet the demand, the technology was pioneered in the 1990s; and has been optimized to meet the latest high standards for crash safety accordance with TSI 2002.

    • blair.wagner Jul 31, 2013 10:09 AM Flag

      Wrong company Sorry!

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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