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  • tngenchek tngenchek Sep 20, 2013 3:53 PM Flag

    They can malware a computer in PA to count 150% of the voters in a couple of days

    but can't work the bugs out of the program to price Obamacare in a couple of years. I can't possibly see anything going wrong!

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    • Cruz "embarrassed" to have supported McCain. Cruz threatening to filibuster the legislation he pushed the House for. Dumbya defending the POTUS. It has been a very bad day for Squirtle.

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      • "Dumbya defending the POTUS."

        Considering how Obushma has continued and expanded on virtually all of Big W's policies while he continues to set an "ever-expending" number of records for incompetence, "why ma I not surprised?" you'd provide "verifaction" of that Lambchop...

        "A record 23,116,928 American households were enrolled in the federal government’s Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)—AKA food stamps—during the month of June, according to data released this month by the Department of Agriculture."

        "In fiscal 2009, the year President Barack Obama was inaugurated, there was a monthly average of 15,161,469 American households on food stamps, according to the Department of Agriculture."

    • The bugs in Bachmann's campaign were that she did no oversight. No wonder the incompetent rep. is not running for re-election.

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      • Repeal and replace is almost as big a punchline as as an editorial board being an"inanimate" object!

      • "Thank goodness the incompetent messiah can't run for re-election."

        Had to fix that for ya Lambchop, since the messiah can't help but add to his "ever-expending" incompetence. Albeit the amount would just be a rounding error the way he spends other peoples money...

        "Social Security made $1.3 billion in potentially improper disability payments to people who had jobs when they were supposed to be unable to work, congressional investigators said in a report Friday.

        The Government Accountability Office estimated that 36,000 workers got improper payments from December 2010 to January 2013."

    • Stockman had it at only 120%. Wish the phony stories would at least get on the same page.

    • E-mail scam, here is your sap!

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      • "here is your sap!"

        Many have identified the messiah as the weakest of saps Lambchop...

        How badly has President Obama’s bobbing, weaving, fumbling and bumbling on Syria hurt his credibility? Listen not to kneejerk Obama-haters — but to Leon Panetta and Robert Gates, his first two defense secretaries.

        What Gates said Wednesday: “My bottom line is that I believe that to blow a bunch of stuff up over a couple of days, to underscore or validate a point or a principle, is not a strategy.”

        And here’s the Panetta critique from the other side: “When the President of the United States draws a red line, the credibility of this country is dependent on him backing up his word. ”

        Two long-serving national-security officials. A Republican and a Democrat. Both with respect for Obama. Neither able to make heads or tails of his befuddling approach to the madness in Syria."

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