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  • momentum74 momentum74 Sep 27, 2010 2:41 PM Flag

    Picked some up on the news.Glta 1.23

    Stock has a low float and cap. Maybe it will have a run will see glta.

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    • There are a number of potential reasons why some of the sr. mgmt are leaving (or asked to leave)... but what's in mind right now is...... (speculation at best)

      * Rosetta has valuable IP & marketable products that far exceed the current market cap.... you can bet other companies are eyeing Rosetta as an acquisition... perhaps talks & plans are already in the works

      * To reduce the burn rate, Rosetta needs to get rid of overhead... usually that means highly paid executives.... With remaining ample technical talent... a CSO isn't a requirement... nor is a chief commercialization officer... particularly one who evidently didn't pan out.

      Having run a small firm during cash-strapped times, a company needs to brutally prioritize what things can be jettisoned to reduce costs while preserving the vital resources to ensure the company's survival.

    • That's the kind of news that used to cause a big run in the stock, but apparently not any more. The test may be good, but it's licensed to Prometheus in the US and with the legal dispute ongoing nothing is getting sold. Plus the company is running out of cash. The resignation of the CSO is also hardly a good sign.

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      • More Great News, but it never helps, and I think I'm about to get out. Everything about the company seems wonderful except it can't seem to sell anything. More importantly, the CSO would've been aware of this Great News, and his reaction doesn't inspire my confidence.
        And, while checking SEC filings to see what the Prometheus dispute was about I found this old news:
        "Ronen Tamir, the Chief Commercialization Officer of Rosetta Genomics Ltd, has resigned to pursue other opportunities. Mr. Tamir’s resignation will be effective July 16, 2010."
        At this stage of the company's development key people should not be leaving.

        Would anyone please directly address my concerns before I pull the trigger

    • Be still my heart.. up 3 cents. Entire market has moved up sharply in the past month and even those secondary buyers are still down 30%. Can't decide is this is funny or sad.

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