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  • scorr838 scorr838 Aug 17, 2012 10:36 AM Flag


    Below $4, going to $2
    all you losers
    i feel sorry for you.
    get out before u lose your homes
    how many shares out there?
    2.4 mil + 5.5 mil +?
    36 mil to insiders?
    no q report, no financial?
    sec should close this pig

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    • As long as bashers like you are on the board, the stock is clearly being manipulated down by hedge funds. But...

      That being said, the question does remain, "Why aren't insiders buying the stock at these low levels?" Are they prohibited from doing so because of some agreement with the new owners? Are they waiting for a call from some hedge fund telling them the hedge fund has stopped shorting, so Ken Berlin and company can buy without losing? Are they not even involved with the company anymore and are on vacation?

      I have two other micro cap companies and both management teams have been buying in the past few days. Even though those stock prices are severely depressed, their purchases provide confidence to shareholders and keep me believing in those companies and holding on.

      If I don't see some sign of confidence from this management team soon, I'm going to start selling, too. How else are we to know that this company has potential? If management refuses to make purchases at these low prices, they must have a reason, and it can't be good.


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