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  • kiksbutt kiksbutt Dec 6, 2012 4:22 PM Flag

    A Pathologists Perspective

    Masselgo is right.

    This whole argument is convoluted and I don't think you work as a professional in this field. What you're describing is highly unethical and illegal. Pathologist and an Oncologist make more than enough. Sure, we have a good share of corrupt individuals in every field, but if a product saves TIME and money at the same time to save a life, why wouldn't they use it?

    Your rhetoric is wrong as well. You bash the idea of positive sales whilst minimizing the CUP threshold yet you "buy" into this company and their products. What products? The MiRiview Mets^2 is the pretty much only thing they have going for them. Your ideas are inane. I have spoken with multiple PhD's that work in the diagnostic field and they're very aware of Rosetta. They know the type of technology MicroRNA offers and that the genome future depends on it. Perhaps the price right now as what ROSG should be selling at. Sure. We don't know what the sales are or what the monthly revenues will be. We need more details. But to state that only 20,000 patients would hypothetically needs this test is absurd.

    Medicare coverage, as someone else stated, is the epitome to success for any diagnostic company. You can twist the truth and your "professional" analysis, but we shall find out in the next few weeks/months. This can be a monster stock if they release any positive data. With such a skilled sales force and the will to sell, I don't doubt them. I think we will finally see a huge breakout in 2013.

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