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  • ra9909 ra9909 Nov 8, 2012 9:57 AM Flag

    They may have some killer R&D coming soon, and that is why they are bringing these folks on

    They have a strong group of minds there now, and you have to believe there is something going on, or something they have absolutel confidence in, going on. That would be the BEST news, something about the non-invasive heart test would be tremendous. Bottom line, real simple, REWARD far, far outweighs the RISK at a price of under $5. Simple as that. And with low float and some kind of breakthrough R&D development, you could see a SRPT or ARNA type move very quickly. In fact, it could be more meteoric than those two due to the low float. This is a stock to park in the longterm parking lot and quit thinking about selling it anywhere near where it is now.

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    • then why did u sell a few days ago @4.40

    • The Life Sciences Report Interview with Scott Power (11/8/12) "The final story worth bringing to your attention is Genetic Technologies Ltd. It's an Australian business; the company produces the BREVAGen test for determining a woman's risk for getting non-familial breast cancer. It acquired this U.S. technology from a U.S. company that was struggling, so it didn't pay too much for it. Now Genetic Technologies has set about building a sales force and rolling the product out. It is still in its early days; I think this test is available in all states except for New York. The interesting thing is the ease of the testing. A cheek swab is taken and sent for testing at the company's Melbourne facility. The results are returned the next day. The facility in Melbourne has Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments accreditation, which is very difficult to get, and there are very few of such facilities in the Southern Hemisphere."

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    • larrykerns Nov 8, 2012 11:46 AM Flag

      You seem knowledgeable & sensible Ra, I just wish we did not have to wait so long for #'s. These long periods of time between financial reports allow manipulators to - just run wild, at will.
      It would be nice to see some of these hedge-fund folks, on the news, walking out of their palaces in cuffs.

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    • darlinggracie Nov 8, 2012 10:06 AM Flag

      Go back to sleep honey. Your non-importance has been recognized. Without revenue nothing will pop this baby and retain strength.

      They can bring your Santa Claus and your Easter Bunny to the board and it will remain the same in our minds, but not yours.

      Treat us with more of your fairy tales.

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    • That's it... We forget their back log of patents. More than all other companies combined..Lmbo!

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