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  • jrsautr jrsautr Feb 15, 2013 3:51 PM Flag

    Basher Post Proliferation is a very good Buy signal

    Almost always when you see a very large number of Basher Posts (those who use profanity, POS, made pathetically ridiculous low PPS predictions, have NO facts.. ).... then it's an almost guaranteed reason to buy and make money. Where ROSG is right now is a perfect time to buy in. With the volatility of this stock (and nothing has changed this or will likely change it), the manipulation volume, etc. you can almost (no you CAN) guarantee a gain of 10% or more by the end of next week if you buy now.... It may dip a bit further .. not much ... but will be in the high 4s to low 5s next week... do the math.

    I'm buying as much as I can today. See you at the banks.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • If we can keep the lower social class people on marginal jobs like "stock basher" it keeps them from begging for food stamps and people asking me if they can "detail" my Porsche.

    • Whoever hires these people really needs to "tighten up". It's always "turd" or pee-pee or "poo-poo" and it really reflects the depth of their understanding. I have to remind one of them to clock back in after lunch every day

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      • If you really think about it Bashers may really be pumpers in disguise since the more infantile and childish their posts the more they have the opposite affect of what (at least if you take it at face value) their posts intend.... I almost always consider buying a stock when I see a proliferation of basher posts and a nice dip in share price taking it lower than the base line on NO real news or justification for it... it's easy money.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

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