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  • tdepew88 tdepew88 Apr 19, 2013 10:52 AM Flag


    I hope it goes below a penny and #$%$ berlin rots in hell and pays for his sins and ann marie as well. Two of the trashiest pos on earth.. Bad karma wll unleash on them and rosg

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    • You have to know when to get out and when to listen to those that know. It was said on this board that the company would drop to $3.50 if sales did not improve. Sales were poor, pps dropped. Simple.

      Seems like those do know the most about the company and and estimate it's future are those that are whipped here.

      Fact, darlinggracie said she was out. When she got out I got out. And I know that 2 others got out also.

      If you are into this thing deep, maybe you should hold on. If you are losing 20% of you life savings that isn't a good sign. I would stay in if I was that deep.

      However, right now even a buyout would not get $6.50. This is a target take-over, not a buyout.

      Bottom line. ROSG can get another 25 patents. So what! Doesn't matter. Keep it simple, "investors look for revenue". ROSG has poor sales and it's sales are expected to be poor for the next 2 quarters.

      The insane idea that there are 200K people out there that need ROSG is crazy! Purely crazy!

      Read some of the pathologist's reports on ROSG. There are a few.

      My bottom line. I do not expect ROSG to recover to $7.00 this year. That is echoed by darlinggracie as well. The best for the investor now is to look for a buyer to come in and get some cheap patents that could someday be worth some money.

      Patents are worthless if there is not market. ROSG does not have the management to build a market. And it appears that the market doesn't need ROSG.

    • "pays for his sins"

      Maybe you didn't pray enough. Maybe you should have asked your silly god when to get out of ROSG.

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