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  • myjameb myjameb Sep 6, 2013 3:54 PM Flag

    Going higher next week $5

    New businesses (my opinion)

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    • Also, they are expanding their business in the i believe it's good earning this time......that's another positive sign

    • This stock is hard to predict...but this is my guess
      1. The stock is down before the earning is a good sign of good earning..i saw many like that...if ROSG is up 3-4% before 4 P.M then it's a bad sign and it will drop...if ROSG is down then it's good..i am thinking to buy it but i am not sure it...i have several earnings I want to buy next week such as JVA, AND IRET......I believe they are good....or maybe COOL...have to wait until Monday to see

      The negative side is if this stock is bad, then it takes a long time to get back..I don't want my money to be in JAIL for 6 months.....

    • I'm not sure what new businesses you are referring to. Yes, we who are long expect to see some solid sign that the sales force is making inroads and the oncologist community has found the CUP test a valuable tool. We also hope to hear some encouraging news on other tests. But there are several reasons to be cautious and expect the news to be uninspiring at best, and negative at worst.
      I do believe that this quarter's conference will be a make or break one for the company. If the news presents positive guidance, the stock will probably rally. If the guidance is negative, we will we probably see a sell off that will take years to recover from, if ever.
      But as you say, (my opinion).

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