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  • insider117 insider117 Mar 30, 2006 12:31 PM Flag



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    • Like cockroaches in Florida, the morons show up every time a stock takes a hit.

      I'll post a serious note reviewing the earnings in a couple of minutes (and yes, I was very wrong in my buy call yesterday), but first I need to answer this guy.

      Just to recap, here is my last post (on 11/10/05) about "insider117":

      "Last time we heard from "insider117" he was running away from my challenge that the stock would move up from the $6.75 level it was trading at after the Q3 results.

      I asked him to predict whether it would go up or down. He was too chicken to back up his negative comments by taking a short position, of course.

      Meanwhile, I bought at $6.75 and confidently predicted that the stock would be a lot higher in three weeks. Gee, I missed the timeframe by a week, but it hit $7.92 last week - a nice 17% gain in that time period.

      It has since been consolidating nicely and gives every technical signal that it will resume the upward climb very soon.

      I correctly forecast each move last week, while "insider117" was no where to be seen.

      I've said it before and looks like I'll have to say it again - he's an idiot!"

      On 11/10 HMX was at $7.20/share. At the moment it is at $8.90/share - up 24% in four months.

      I can very confidently predict that HMX is going back up in the next few weeks and will pass $10 within a couple of months and will likely hit $11 by late Summer. That will be another 24% gain from today's price.

      You can take my advice, which has been pretty consistently right over the past six months, or you can believe "insider117" who posted this when HMX was trading at $5.50:

      "HMX : Overvalued and undersold

      Long-Term Sentiment: Sell 04/12/04 05:40 pm
      Msg: 4419 of 4698

      The brief run-up this company has enjoyed was unjust and is over. Some of you demented investors will learn the hard way and that's the way it should be. See you in the 4's."

      Yeah, "insider117" great call to sell at $5.50! Do you have another suggestion for us today?

    • Be nice. As he matures, he can learn from this experience. Trading (and making money) is a lot deeper than the numbers and the hype. However, some shallow suckers on the board will never learn and always be losers.