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  • jonathanhemlock66 jonathanhemlock66 Nov 15, 2012 2:17 PM Flag

    Traders are losing as well

    The only way I believe if someone is making money by trading this stock is if they post their trades AS THEY HAPPEN. People posting "I bought 3 days ago" or "I sold before the drop" are likely spewing garbage. If you trade the equity, post your trade here as it happens. Entry price, time. We don't need to know share amounts. Just don't post it 20-30 minutes after the trade.

    Like this
    Bought @ 4.40 (2:16pm).....and try to post it as close to your trade execution. Then we will know who is REALLY making money and who is a #$%$ artist.

    nothing more than that.

3.64Mar 30 4:00 PMEDT