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  • Emperical Emperical Dec 12, 1998 12:26 PM Flag

    A New Low in Board Sentiment & Some Wild

    Trendliner --- Good theorectical analysis, but
    this stock badly needs
    something real in order for
    it to have reason to go to $3., much less
    to $5. Got any idea when, if ever, and what, that
    might be to
    set your scenario in motion? EMP

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    • 1. In the next few weeks see FM buy about 20,000
      or 30,000 shares on the open market.2. See sntky
      secure financing from an investment bank.3.Early
      february let investors know something about the Osmotic
      product launch.4. Announcing TC`s resignation and
      cancellation of options.(Brunes also).5. Next CC will have Q+A
      around the end of March. Hopefully after the press
      release for MCA approval.6. Put Trendliner on the BOD!