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  • paulnqc paulnqc May 24, 2011 1:00 PM Flag

    Its Been A GREAT Run ... time to lay this down for a while

    Completely Disagree. I'm in since .0029 so I don't mind a little tumble down hill. I suspect that we will be surprised at any time with a few PR's announcing some distribution or contractual news and I will not be left behind. Just my opinion of course and I would never fault anyone for locking in profits!

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    • Oh, my fingers on the trigger, no doubt about it. SFIO is a startup in a saturated market, but it has a UNIQUE product which has the potential for windfall profits, however the fact that PR releases didn't roll out until 11am, 12pm ... whenever duders seemed to get a round to it indicates (to me at least) that there isnt a well defined plan on how the success of SFIO is going to roll out. The next PR is going to be marketing related. Creating a unique product is hard enough, but successfully selling it?! Even harder. For all we know there is an MLM concept in the works. We'll see, but im not risking good money in the mean-time.