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  • buck_u_fitch buck_u_fitch Feb 6, 2013 9:40 AM Flag

    I'm just soooo glad that the way the FBI handled this protected the little ol' shareholders



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    • Maybe someone should contact the F.B.I. about S.E.C. and the little clearing house DCTC I believe it*s called.That may blow the lid off everything.What scandel that would be.Small investors getting ripped off.Hmm interesting.

      • 1 Reply to rootjim17
      • F.B.I. do have a fraud division which is always interested in interstate FRAUD.Another thing,someone may want to do is file a claim in the small claims court.This may raise a few eyebrows.You can be your own attorney,file a claim up $5000 in most states against your broker for a mininum charge.If you win you can collect.A good way to make a statement.If I was retired I would do all of this for entertainment purposes.I imagine it would cause a few sleepless nights for the guilty.If the noise gets loud enough you may get paid for your damages.If your broker gives you a bad time,you can always move your account to another broker or else where.