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    Farah has trimed the fat, his problem he doesn't know what to do next! He's a white shirt Brooks Brother thinker, he's as
    out of touch with his customer as the guys he shot. His CEO Hilpert is also from Jurassic Park school of retailing. He spent
    most of his career making $4.00 shoes at Payless. The image of these two running a dynamic sports company is enough to make us
    all couch potatoes. Come on guys Footlockers format has been around and around and around, its dead bury it, change and join the
    Look at the store mix, Kinney Shoes, Afterthoughts Jewelry, Woolworth Germany, Bargain Shop, Northern Group, Footlockers,
    What the hell business are you in, what do you stand for, where are you going,. They don't even has a web page,,, this is not a think tank for innovative retailing idea. Give Farah & Hilpert a golden kiss and hire a merchant to run the place.

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    • That's what happened to the the original Woolworth, they lost touch with there customer if they don't even use/shop there own stores how the hell can they sit in there tower and make the right decisions. Where's the Sam Walton for this company?????

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