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    Z's old nemesis K-Mart (KM) is going to spend $50
    million on the year 2000 computer bug. Anyone have any
    idea what the brain trusts at Milwaukee, Camp Hill, or
    Canada are doing about this? Or have they even heard
    about it yet? Da.

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    • Bravo!!! pro_se-law
      In 4 short sentences, you
      captured the truth of today's modern commerce and those
      who partake in the lowest common denominator,
      VULTUREISM! today's form of maciavellianism.

      Those who
      know and know they know are wise,
      Those who know not and know not they know not are
      Shun them!!

    • Z holders and former employees of the Former
      Retail Giant must accept the fact that the company they
      worked for and held pride in is little more than a
      carcass on the dung heap of modern commerce to be picked
      over by the vultures and blue flies of the market
      place. Sic transit gloria mundi!

    • Your name says it all. The consultants are paid
      on the selling price, not what the suckers (a/k/a
      stockholders) net. They do not give a damn about asbestos and
      oter problems; they pick up their percentage and start
      looking for more sheep to fleece. There is no
      accountability or responsibility-- it is "I've got mine, Harry!"

    • How can they drop the ball with all the consultants on the payroll, including those who were involved in the sale of the building??? :)

    • NYC does not inspect for asbestos, so it would
      not have ordered Z to remove it. (It did not duriing
      the extensive renovation some years back, for
      example.) The fact is the building is loaded with it. Whose
      responsibility it is is a matter of negotiation, so, given F&F's
      track record, you can be assured Z dropped the ball!

    • Talk to anyone who has worked on the old
      building, and thy all agree it is full of asbestos. If Z
      retained responsibility for its removal, the stockholders
      will see precious little of the "sale price"; they
      could even end up paying out more than $155,000,000 to
      settle the deal! Sounds like the disgrace surrounding
      the sale of Woolco Canada to Walmart. How much
      finally trickled down to Z after that debacle
      (wonderfully covered up, by the way!)

    • what the hell are the share holders doing sitting
      on the -----!
      haven't we seen enough of this
      managements crap, lining there own pockets destroying our
      company sending our stock down the drain while we pay
      there damn salary as they pull ther bottom line from
      selling off our assets don't they have a spine to vote
      against this team of hatchet men. I voted against all
      there policies this time also received phone call
      asking how i voted before meeting and why. Told them the
      same as stated here......very interesting!
      come on
      now lets tell them to get lost they are doing nothing
      for this company but liquidating it for themselves ..
      They have had enough time and there work is
      crap..............throw them out the 24th

    • I heard that Z is paying for all of the renovations.

    • The old building is full of asbestos- who is paying for removal?

    • they are probably trying to work out a deal with the landlord or in some cities, like NY, it takes time to get the necessary permits and consents to put up new signs.

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